Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Love Birds

I don’t usually decorate for Valentine’s Day… which is a shame because I have a pink obsession!  My hoarding of pink stuff could really be an advantage when February 14th rolls around.  While I decorate obsessively for Christmas and Halloween, most of the rest of the year I keep my decor the same… neutral/spring/summer flowers, butterflies and birds.  Well… this year I was inspired to create a little Valentine’s scene.  I saw a “classic romance” vignette at Less than Perfect Life of Bliss which was the jumping off point for my creation.


I decorated the top of my flatware cabinet in the dining room, starting with a silver tray topped with photos of me and my Valentine.   I threw in a pink candle (Pink Sands by Yankee Candle—the BEST fragrance!) a tiny heart shaped trinket box, and a silver creamer filled with white roses and a single red rose from my hubby that I saved many years ago.  Then I used Scrabble tiles and spelled out a sweet Valentine’s sentiment (for thirteen points).  :)




The corner cabinet across the room also got a little “Love Birds” vignette.  I created a trio of dimensional paper hearts using a printable from Hymns and Verses.  Two of them went into the little love nest and the other one I made into dimensional art with some scrapbook paper and a sticker that reads “Love is a beautiful dream.”  The tiny love letters are actually floating candles that my mom had.  She gave them to me for my cute Valentine’s displays. :)  Thanks Mama!


I continued the love birds theme in the kitchen on my tiny shelf.  A second bird is guarding another love nest.  A tiny pink heart is nestled inside.  More love letters and a few pink and yellow flowers round out the display.


So far I haven’t had any complaints about the abundance of pink stuff in the house, so perhaps I can keep these up until Spring.  :)  Nothing says Spring like birds and pink flowers!



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cloudcover Quilt

Happy February!  I finally found some time to photograph our new comforter that I ordered for Christmas.  After Riley destroyed our beautiful cream Pottery Barn essential quilt I had to replace it.  And since the PB one was sold out and discontinued ::wails of despair:: I had to find something else that I loved.  So I scoured the internet in search of something light and beautiful, made of cotton in cream or blue.  What I finally discovered was the Diamond Stitch Cloudcover Quilt from West Elm.  I was worried about ordering something blue because I had past experiences with the blues not matching my impression of them online.  Luckily this blue was the PERFECT shade to match our paint color (Going Gray by Olympic).  It was love at first sight!
It is more like a comforter with tufted quilting and navy blue topstitching.  I wasn’t sure the topstitching would look right in our bedroom, but I think its just the right touch of contrast.
Yay new quilt!  Let’s just hope that “Riley the Ripper” doesn’t get ahold of this one and that it will last for a long time!  Maybe even long enough that I’ll iron it one day! :)