Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015: Before & After

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas last week!  Another year has come and almost gone... which means it's time for our annual project recap.  What did we set out to accomplish this year?  Here's my project list for 2015:

  • Make new curtains for the living room (Got these for Christmas, pictures coming soon!)
  • Rebuild deck… still. (Did it!  Hooray!)
  • Finish exterior spruce-up with black storm door, and paint white trim
  • Replace dining table
  • Repaint dining room with satin paint and add wainscoting and chair rail
  • Mini-kitchen update with custom-built island, move pendant light, add sideboard (added a mini island, does that count?)
  • Finish parking area edger
  • Finish steps in the woods to the new garden 
  • Start creekbank planting in new garden
  • Add firepit area to new yard
  • Add compost pile to garden

We completed a few small things and one big thing last year.  The new deck was our big project for the year.  It's one of my favorite projects so far!  Here's a look:





We also redesigned the adjoining patio and added some new landscaping to the flower bed in front:



It's such a nice spot to relax now... I can't wait until Spring when we will get to enjoy it so much more!


Another outdoor project from 2015 was reseeding our backyard (again).  We amended the soil with a new top dressing of topsoil before planting so hopefully that will help with the longevity of the grass!  

We also finished the steps in the woods leading to the new garden area.  I planted liriope along the other side after these photos were taken.  So it's all nice and completed now.



This year I also helped my sister create a bear themed nursery for her son Barrett.  It turned out cute:

2015-03-20 014

2015-03-20 022

In the new year, I'm pleased to announce we will be working on our own nursery!  We are expecting our first child in June 2016! :)  I'm sure there will be lots of baby related projects as we prepare for our little one's arrival.  

Which brings me to our to-do list for the upcoming year 2016:

  • Redecorate guest room for new baby's nursery!
  • Build a home gym in the basement for Michael (in progress)
  • Finish exterior spruce-up with black storm door, and paint white trim
  • Replace dining table
  • Repaint dining room with satin paint and add wainscoting and chair rail
  • Finish parking area edger
  • Continue creekbank planting in the new garden
  • Add firepit area to new yard
  • Stain and seal new deck

Here's to a fun, healthy, productive New Year 2016!  

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas House Tour: Part 3

Welcome back to the Horvath Christmas House.  Let's head downstairs and check out the den decorations, shall we?

I decided to switch things up on the mantel this year with a woodland forest theme with burgundy accents.  I put all of my various trees up there and then added greenery, tiny forest animal ornaments, glittered pinecones, and burgundy felted acorns that my sister made.

My little snowbirds are nestled in the centerpiece and in the fireplace arrangement.  So cute!

I got this tiny tabletop tree at Michael's and decorated it with die cut snowflake ornaments.  Isn't it precious?

Now let's venture outside and check out the holiday lights on the house...

They are especially pretty at night! :)

Riley and Bandit are ready for Christmas, are you?  Only six days to go!  

Merry Christmas Week!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Tour Part Two!

I'm back with the second installment of our Horvath Christmas House Tour!  Let's go into the kitchen and check out all the festive details...

We had planned to build a custom kitchen island this summer, but decided to do the deck instead. This little kitchen cart has been working great for our prep space.

I saw this idea for putting red snowflakes on your white cabinets on Pinterest and just had to try it. They stick right up there with command strips.  Although it kind of looks like my kitchen has chicken pox! ;)

Here is our little hot chocolate station, complete with cute Santa mugs.  I really wanted to include the whipped cream (a must for my hot chocolate) but it seemed wrong to insinuate that I leave that out on the counter! It's in the fridge if anyone wants some!

When I started working for the School of the Arts, my boss gave me my first Nutcracker to commemorate our annual Nutcracker production.  Several years later, I'm getting quite a collection! 

In the dining room, the table is set for dinner and all the glittering red and gold touches are in place. Now the challenging part is figuring out how to seat nine at my table for six (which will seat eight in a pinch)... I'll keep you posted on my Holiday dinner arrangements! :)  

My Lenox Holiday china is set on red chargers and flanked by Gorham Festive Holly glasses.

I made a new wreath for the mirror this year with some pine sprays and berries and a big plaid bow!

That's all for now; I have to go attend to some hot chocolate that's calling my name.  Come back soon for the final part of the tour!