Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Dining and Blooming Baskets!

Last week I showed your our lower deck with all the furniture and flowers.  I’m back to share our upper deck today.

We have a beautiful table and chairs that my Mama got for us several years ago.  We had the set powder-coated last year and now it has a durable finish that will last a long, long time!  So it was easy to spruce up for Spring this year, just spray it off with the pressure washer and decorate!


I found these beautiful turquoise and green watercolor plates at Walmart.  I just had to have them!  :)  So then I had to set the table for an alfresco dinner on the deck!


I paired them with aqua placemats, green dot napkins and my pink footed glassware.  For a centerpiece, I added a potted plant and my star votive cups.  :)



The table coordinates nicely with my herb pots in the corner.  I decided to buy another pot for the top basket this year and of course, it was a different color blue. :) 


I have rosemary, chives, thyme, and basil growing here.  The little plant markers were a gift from my friend.  Thanks, Andi!  They are quite cute!


Over by the door I have two planter baskets.  One is hosting my fairy garden again this year.  The other has a pink begonia and creeping jenny.


I also set up a hummingbird buffet.  Supposedly hummingbirds love fuchsia nectar, so here you go, little friends!  It’s all you can eat, please come!! :)


Aren’t these blooms exquisite?


My other blooming baskets are hanging on the fence at the end of the driveway.  I got these hanging art planters last fall on clearance from Gardener’s Supply.  I can’t find them on their site anymore, but I did find them on Amazon.  They are so pretty and really brighten up my shady garden!

I picked hot pink blooms for two and coral blooms for two.  They have colorful geraniums and impatiens and I filled in with blue lobelia and chartreuse sweet potato vine.





We’ll check back on these as summer progresses, hopefully they will keep blooming for months!

I’ll be back soon with a few more flowery spots to share!  Plus, we’ve been planting the big garden, so I’ll share progress on that when everything sprouts! :)

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

All Decked out for Spring

My sister came to visit today, so I took the opportunity to spruce up my lower deck furniture with all its pillows, lanterns and plants for us to enjoy this afternoon!

Luckily my handy Papa was here on Monday and helped me pressure wash the deck and furniture.  We didn’t do too good of a job on the deck boards because we are planning to tear down the deck this summer and rebuild it, whoo hoo!  Anyway, before we say sayonara to the old deck we want to give it one last hurrah!



My favorite spot is this corner chair with the butterfly pillow!


This beautiful planter is from Lowes, and I just had to have it for a Mother’s Day gift, it’s so PINK!  It’s brightening up the place until I deliver it this weekend.


I hung my new hanging planter from Ikea out here, too.  I love the colorful striped basket!


Last year, we moved the old sewing machine stand outside and I added a weathered wood top.  It makes a cool side table.


My flower basket is filled with pink new guinea impatiens and livingstone daisy, but it’s all still working up to blooming, yet. 



This new turquoise planter is from Lowes.  The giant lantana is from a local nursery.  The plant is several years old and has been overwintered in a greenhouse to get this size!  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I saw those beautiful pinks and oranges and just had to have it.  It’s so summery!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave it under the deck, this blooming beauty needs lots of sun!


Mama saved me some ferns from last year and I hung them out here again.


She also saved my geranium and livingstone daisy centerpiece from last year.  I just added some new impatiens to spruce it up. :)




Everything is ready for a fun spring gathering, I even got some new fun plates for my outdoor dining table.  I’ll be back to show you the upper deck soon, plus the rest of my hanging baskets and annuals!

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Monday, May 04, 2015

Spring Blooms!

Have you all been enjoying this beautiful Spring weather?  I know I have!  We spend most evenings playing in our new yard with Riley and soaking up the sunshine. 


I’ve been keeping an eye on my plants, just waiting for their blooms to pop out.  Here’s what’s been blooming in the last few weeks…


Creeping phlox


Redbud tree






Viburnum “Snowball bush”





I planted my impatiens on the front walk and finished my hanging baskets last week, I’m just waiting for the perfect day to photograph them.  I’ll be sharing those and my deck containers, soon! 

Happy Spring!

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