Friday, February 20, 2015

A Frozen Birthday Party!

While most of the country has been frozen by the “Siberian Express” or whatever they’re calling it, we have been celebrating my niece’s birthday with a Frozen themed party!  This year everyone gathered at my house for her party.  Since, Abby loves Elsa and all things Frozen, I decided to do a blue/white/snowflake theme for the décor. 

The piece de resistance was a two tier castle with the Wilton Castle Cake Kit.  I frosted the layers with a blue ombre effect.  Abby loved her cake!


The rest of the décor was shades of blue with white pom poms, snowflakes and garlands. 






I made this garland out of fabric scraps (leftover from my many Elsa costume projects) cut into strips and tied onto a piece of yarn.  Then I hung snowflakes on top and balloons at either end. :)  It was cute and really easy!


I decorated all the windows and mirrors with snowflakes.  I drew them with a chalkboard marker which erases easily from glass.  :)  Abby had fun adding her own designs, too!

2015-02-14 035

For refreshment, there was blue punch to coordinate with our cake, of course!


And some chips and dip, and fruit and veggies for snacking.


2015-02-14 005

2015-02-14 006

2015-02-14 008

2015-02-14 009

Abby wore her new Elsa dress (that my mom made) for her party.  She was a pretty princess! :)

2015-02-14 012

2015-02-14 022

2015-02-14 048


We all had fun visiting and eating and helping Abby celebrate her 7th birthday.  Happy Birthday Abby!

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