Monday, July 15, 2013

A Zeal for Teal

You probably know I have a thing for the color teal.  Be it turquoise or teal, I can’t seem to get enough of it lately.  It’s starting to pop up everywhere around the house.  The guest room, living room, den, and the guest bathroom are all sporting some variation of that hue.  So while I was perusing last month’s issue of Better Homes and Gardens I came across their paint color of the month:  Timeless Teal!  One in particular caught my eye—Teal Zeal by Olympic.  It’s “undercurrents of green and brown” sounded like a perfect fit for my house!  My next decision was where to put it.  I first considered repainting the office since it’s got nothing but gray, brown, and black going on, but I knew Michael would never agree to let me paint our shared office teal.  The guest bath was my next vision!  (It was due to get a new paint job anyway because the flat paint I used had three years of water spots on it.)  I knew it would work with the brown vanity and the neutral linens, so off I went with my magazine page to the paint store.  And last weekend I got busy repainting the guest bath!

I started by clearing the room and repainting the ceiling which was sporting off-white with a little line of old wall paint colors around the edges.  Gah!  Then I trimmed out the walls with teal (this time using satin paint!) and rolled on the first coat.  The next day I trimmed the whole room again (good thing it’s a small room!) and rolled a second coat.  Then I commenced to scrubbing, caulking and trim painting.  I can officially say that today that bathroom is clean from top to bottom.  That’s not to say it will stay that way long. :)

And now all my hard work has come to fruition… it is gorgeous!







The new color almost matches the blue on the bottom of the shower curtain.  And it highlights all the white and neutral accessories in the room.  I love how the white trim pops against the dark walls.  This is my first time painting walls a dark color; I am usually a “top-of-the-paint-chip” girl.  So, I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone this time. 

I am so happy with my little jewel box of a bathroom!  What do you think?

IMG_1033   IMG_3581

Now we just need a new faucet and maybe a new rug, because this green one doesn’t match anything anymore! ;)

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July!  And Happy Fourth Birthday to It’s a Horvath’s Life!

Yep!  I’ve been blogging here for four years today.  243 posts later and still going strong.  Thanks for joining me here!  It’s been a real pleasure to share our life with you on the blog!  And while you are here, I wanted to share our Independence Day decorations with you.

I decided to decorate just the front porch this year since we aren’t having any kind of party, like last year.  I put our flag up and added a few more flags to the ferns on the porch.  And then I put my painted flag art on the front door.


The hydrangeas are really looking good, but apparently they didn’t get the memo about red, white and blue, so they are jumping in there with some purple and pink, too!



I moved my former porch arrangements up to the deck where they could get some more sun and in their place I put these two ferns.  They seem to really like it here and have sprouted all new fronds.  Yay!


Very patriotic, no?

Hope everyone has a Happy Independence Day!

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