The Life

Hey there...we’re the Horvaths. He’s Michael, I'm Sarah, and the little one is our daughter, Georgia. 

Michael and I were married in May 2008.

Nearly ten years ago, we embarked on a new adventure and bought our first house. Since the day we moved in, I’ve been fixing up the place to make it ours, trying my hand at home improvement, with assistance from our families. Michael and I live here with our daughter and our two pets.  This is Bandit, whose feline antics make decorating a challenge.  His specialties include knocking small objects from tables, chewing on flowers and plants and leaving fur everywhere.  :)

Our dog Riley also loves to lend a paw with our various projects around the house and yard.  She's especially good at mulching sticks and rearranging pillows on the couch. :)  Oh and shedding. 

I’m a seamstress, working on costumes, apparel, home furnishings and accessories; I love variety.   I also love to paint, do crafty things, and plan and decorate for parties and weddings.  And I like to cook, especially if there’s chocolate or sugar involved!

Ever since the birth of our daughter in 2016, I've been a stay-at-home mom.  As you can guess, Georgia keeps me on my toes!  Sometimes it feels like cleaning up after a toddler is a full-time job.  But as she's getting older, hopefully she can help me out on some home improvement projects!!  She enjoys throwing food on the floor, throwing pillows on the floor and leaving fingerprints on the windows.  Haha!  Some of our newest projects have been designed with her in mind, so look out for more kid-inspired posts!

Our home is our haven and I want it to reflect us inside and out, which is why I have spent a lot of time updating the interior as well as landscaping the outdoors.

I learned everything I know about "home-making" from my talented and capable mother and my intelligent and patient father.  Family is really important to me.  They support my wild ideas and most of the time they are here, working alongside me on some project or other!

I started this blog to share pictures of our house with them.  It is dedicated to my ramblings on DIY home improvement, gardening and home decor projects.  I hope you'll enjoy following along with us on this journey.  Thanks for stopping by for a glimpse into a Horvath’s Life!


Mike said...

Great job,It's very interesting to read all of your adventures in to home ownership. I have to say it's pretty amazing to see all the crafty work you doing.