The House

Here’s a complete tour of the Horvath house! Follow the links to read more details about all the updates and fun projects we have accomplished since we bought this place in September 2008.

Here we are… our first house, complete with a new metal roof!

Come on in to the split foyer

We’ll head up the stairs into the living room that's been updated with new paint and new upholstery on the couches, and a refinished side table.

Around the corner is the kitchen which has been updated with white painted cabinets and a new pedestal table.

And if you keep going, there’s the dining room with its updated paint color.

Back down the hall is our humble pantry.  Beyond that is the guest bath, which is sporting a vibrant teal paint color.

Across the hall is the office where we spend a lot of our time.
In addition to new paint, we finally completed our custom-built desk

The next room down the hall is the master bedroom with its updated paint color...

...and adjoining master bath which has had a complete makeover!

  The last room on the upper level is the guest room turned nursery

Back down the hall and down the stairs leads us to the cheery laundry room and half bath.

Across from that is the closet under the stairs which finally has proper shelving and organization!

The next room is the den where I do all of my creating. It’s been given a transformation with the new laminate floor!  We also just got a new couch and rug! 

The opposite side is my sewing room where all the crafting magic happens!

The last room on the lower level tour is the garage.  I assure you it doesn't even resemble this picture anymore. :)  But of course I'm too busy working in it to take any nice pictures of it!

And now let’s walk out back for a look around the yard.

There's our fence for Riley that encloses the backyard.

Here's the new deck  and reconstructed paver patio.  




There is also the "fairy cove" that we added in the side yard.

And our little English garden which we've taken from a blank slate to a blooming oasis!

Beyond the English garden is the back line of our property which we've recently cleared.  We tore out all the overgrown weeds and underbrush and started from scratch on a vegetable gardenflower beds, and a new lawn!

Thanks for stopping by!  Check back for updates about our lovely abode as we decorate, renovate, landscape, dream, inspire and create!  


Mike said...

Are all of these pictures current? It must take a lot of time to update all these pictures. It's really cool to watch all the changes you make around the place. Unfortunately I have never had that much ambition to fix up around the house. Much to Molly's chagrin but I'm trying to do better now.

Heather said...

WOW.. the house looks GREAT and yes I can see the changes you've made since we were last there.. the place looks awesome.. Congrats on all the hard work you guys have put into the house to make it into a home..