Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Closet Update

Ahhh… it’s that time again!  Time for a new blog post (and this time it’s non-Christmas themed!)  I don’t know what I used to do with all my free time before I started blogging.  I would be bored right now, but I know you all are dying to hear about my latest update to our house!  Well here you go.

It was the day after the day after the day after Christmas

and all through the place:

boxes of office stuff were taking up space! 

Husband was settled all snug in his seat,

playing World of Warcraft, he would not be beat.

When, what to my wandering eyes should appear,

but a cluttered closet in need of paint and repair!

I sprang from my chair and went straight to work,

That unfinished closet was driving me berserk!

I rearranged the shelves and painted away,

and finished the upgrade by the end of the day!


STAGE 1 : Remove stuff from closet.


STAGE 2: Rearrange shelf braces.  Spackle holes, prime and paint.


STAGE 3: Reinstall shelves and try to organize stuff in a pretty fashion.


STAGE 4: Finish installing stuff after you realize you didn’t buy near enough bins and your husband has too many comic books, action figures, and models.


STAGE 5: Lament the project because the closet still looks messy.  But at least it’s painted and ready for STAGE 6: Declutter and Organize!

Thanks for reading… even though I did sneak a Christmas allusion in there!  Happy New Year Everyone!



Andrea said...

hahaha... you crack me up! ;-)