Monday, October 18, 2010

Indian Corn Centerpiece

Pottery Barn is great for inspiration.  We just saw this Indian corn centerpiece in the latest Pottery Barn catalog.  It’s perfect for fall dining as well as your Thanksgiving Dinner table! 


Luckily, my mom had a great crop of Indian corn this year just waiting to be made into some crafty thing.  Armed with our corn, hot glue, string, and a clear glass hurricane lantern, we set about to create our own centerpiece a la Pottery Barn.  On the cheap. :)

IMG_3070    IMG_3069

First things first, I discovered there was no way I would be able to wrangle corn, shuck and glass all at once with simply a string to bind them.  So I decided the simplest thing to do was to hot glue the shuck to the corn and then the whole thing to the glass.  I shucked my corn and selected shorter length ears (so there would still be some glass showing above) and then picked out some pretty shucks that contrasted with the corn color.  Next I made bundles of shuck and corn by gluing all the shuck pieces together as a backer then gluing the corn inside the shuck.  After I had made enough bundles to circle the glass, I started gluing them onto the hurricane.  After I had ringed the lantern with corn, I went back and added in a few pieces of shuck to fill in the gaps between corn bundles.  It just needed a bit more fluff! :)

IMG_3072    IMG_3071 

Finally, we tied the whole thing together with twine and gold yarn.  Then we set it on a silver platter lined with fall leaves and stuck the candle inside.  Voila! 




What do you think?  Want to make one for yourself or someone special as a lovely harvest gift?

I’ll be back soon with some spooky Halloween decor!



Andrea said...

Ooooohhh.... pretty!