Thursday, March 24, 2011

…Eat a Cupcake

See how this post was supposed to be about a new shelf I put in the kitchen… but it’s turning into a story about a cupcake?  Why does that always happen to me? ;)

I was Goodwill hopping the other day when I spied this cutey little shelf for $3.50!! Woot!  I’ve been looking for a nice shelf to hang over the kitchen table that I could decorate with plates and teapots and cute kitchen things.  This one, while a bit smaller than the one in my imagination, was a great price and in perfect condition!  When I got it home, I hung it on the wall behind the kitchen table… a sad and neglected little corner which is usually just a landing spot for purse, lunchbox, mail, cat toys, etc. :)  While it still functions as such, at least it has a bit more pizzazz after my little addition:


I moved the flower picture to the opposite wall to accommodate the new shelf.  And of course after I hung the shelf, I ran around looking for cute things to put on it.  The teapot was number one, since I’d been imagining it up there for a while, then I found a blue polka dot plate.  After that I had to get creative…  so I framed up a little quote.  It’s a take off those “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters you see everywhere.  But why “carry on” when you could just eat a cupcake?  Then the little kitty cat salt and pepper shakers joined the fun to round out the display.  This is mind-blowing stuff, I know. ;)


Just a little bit more cute for my kitchen. :)

Hope you enjoyed the update!  I’ll be back with more fun from the Horvath House, namely— A Fence For Riley, and Spring garden pics!



Hannah said...

Goodwill hopping, huh? I love your cutesy shelf...I think I need a keep calm sign! :)

Andrea said...

...and I need a cupcake! ;-)