Monday, June 20, 2011

An “Antique” Guthrie Guest Room

Lately, I’ve been helping my mom get the extra room at her house set up as a proper guest room for overnight guests, like me!  Since all the children moved out, the room has been a catch all for random stuff.  We got a wrought iron bed, Mama put it up and we started calling it the guest room.  The furniture had been cobbled together with a secondhand dresser with a few odds and ends from other rooms in the house.  When my grandparents recently decided to get rid of the old dresser they’d been storing for decades, Mama thought it would be fun to do an “antique” room with all the antique pieces she’d collected.  Unfortunately, they didn’t all fit, but we squeezed in as many as we could.  Even though all the pieces in here aren’t true antiques, they definitely work together to create a traditional space with an antique feel.  Throw in a couple dozen rose printed accessories, and I’m a happy camper guest.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:


The queen size wrought iron bed was a gift (Thanks Nelson and Debbie!) and it goes well with the iron lamp on the bedside table.


The piece de resistance—the antique dresser and mirror.  Mama dragged it out of my grandparents’ attic and refinished it.  I love the antique mirror with all its little imperfections.


We styled the top of the dresser with a watering can and ewer from TJMaxx, basin from Goodwill that just happened to match, and a blue and white teapot.  The perfume bottles Mama has collected over time.  This was a safe place (away from three-year-olds) for their display.


The new addition to this room is the gallery wall, which is a collage of photos from the “Sisters Bridal Shoot” that Hannah and I did around Mama’s yard.  She wanted this room to be centered around her daughters, since we are the primary overnight guests in the house. :)  And it’s no lie, we love to look at pictures of ourselves. ;)


Mama refinished and upholstered a small bench for under the window, which is dressed in ivory sheers and a rose valance.  We plan to add a cornice box over the window with pleated jabots on each side to dress up the simple valance.



The curio cabinet is filled with the porcelain dolls that were collected for us when we were children.  The ballerinas on the bottom are mine.  Since I am going to be a ballerina when I grow up. :)


This piece of art is a calendar page that we framed in a thrift store frame.  I love it!  And it has a look of antiquity, which works perfectly!



Ah, what a lovely place to spend a night. 

Thanks for joining me for the guest room tour.  I’ll be back soon with some pretty summer flowers and a few other outdoor updates!



TA Guthrie said...

What is this, "Mama refinished it stuff?" I think I know who was the one with the s/s toothbrush in hand, chemical gloves on and stripper smell up his nose......didit

Sarah said...

My bad. Papa refinished it!