Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Full Length Mirror

It’s one thing every girl needs… a full length mirror so she can check out how those shoes go with that outfit.  For the past four years, I’ve been running downstairs to the den where my full length mirror resides to check out my shoes.  I am a seamstress so it’s important to have a mirror downstairs for my clients.  But I’ve always wanted to get one for my bedroom, too. I wanted one of those giant, leaning monstrosities that costs upwards of $200, but I wanted it for fifty bucks.  Story of my life. :)

Well, my mother tipped me off to a mirror at Big Lots that was pretty large, not big enough to lean, but definitely surpassing the $20 over-the-door mirrors that you see in college dorms.  This one was only $50.  And after hemming and hawing over it and looking at comparable models at Overstock (nothing under $100) and Lowe’s (one I found for $90) I decided to get the Big Lots version.  Lucky for me, Sunday was 20% off everything in the store!  Woot!  So I picked up this bad boy for forty bucks and Mama and I wrangled it into my car with complete lack of finesse. :)  And yesterday I hung it up on the wall beside my closet (even more lack of finesse involved there… evil wall anchors!). 

Anyway, check it out!


It has a plastic frame (I would have preferred wood), but for $40 what do you expect?  The frame is a dark brown color which looks black in pictures and if you are Michael.  (I told him it’s brown.)  The mirror is almost five feet tall and a foot and a half wide which sure beats those crappy over the door mirrors. 


See how the dark brown coordinates with the dark brown frame on the same wall?  Both of those frames are a bit dark for the wood tones in this room, so I may end up painting the mirror frame at some point, but for now I am loving it!


And most importantly, this mirror is big enough for me, or my 6 foot tall husband, to see ourselves in (even our shoes!).  Oh and Riley can see herself, too.  She likes to stand in front of it and look at the room backward.  She’s a funny girl. :)




Aunt Jan said...

Very nice and tasteful as always. Nice to see you, too!