Monday, June 03, 2013

Ode to a Denim Chair

Way back in September I told you we were getting a new chair for the office.  Well, it is now June and I finally have possession of said chair.  The new chair is a bona fide antique that belonged to my grandfather and he gave it to my Mama since she loved it.  I, being the greedy daughter that I am, managed to talk Mama out of her fancy antique chair.  She was happy (okay maybe not happy, but willing) to give it to me since it was going to be soooo perfect in my office, and since I agreed to trade back her beloved denim chair which currently resides in the corner of our office. :) 


The denim chair is famous.  Many people have tried to steal/buy it from us over the years.  It was a secondhand chair that my mom upholstered with old blue jeans back when I was a sophomore in college.  It has knee stains and worn denim in places and over the past 11 years it has acquired a few more stains and worn places.  The backrest is long pieces of denim in different colors and the seat cushion is patchwork.  The back and sides are pieced strips and there are three jean pockets on each side.  :)  Most of the denim and all of the pockets are from Levi’s!  I had this chair in three of my dorm rooms and then it came with us to our apartment and of course onto our first house.  The back is curved and slopes down to the arm rest and kind of envelopes you, which makes it a perfect spot to snuggle in, tuck up your feet, and read.  We’ve lounged in, piled on, snuggled into and loved this chair for 11 years. Now it is time to say goodbye and pass the chair back to my mom or my sister to love for a while.

Though famous locally, the denim chair has never been featured on the blog.  Tragedy.  There is only a tiny corner of it depicted in our House Tour.  Probably because I thought it “didn’t go” with the rest of the office.  That’s why I am making the inexplicable decision to replace it with a fancier chair.  I am a strange one, I know it! 

So today let me introduce you to the famous chair, apparently also known as “Bandit’s chair”.  Okay we know that ALL the chairs in the house are Bandit’s chairs, but this one he took a particular liking to.  Even as a kitten he enjoyed sitting in the denim chair in front of the window at our apartment.



Our kitten grew up but he found that he could still fit in the denim chair…


And when we moved, he still made the chair his favorite perch.  It was situated between our desks in the office where he could keep a good eye on his humans.



Even when Bandit stretched out, he could still fit (just barely).


And after a while (once she was legitimately too big) Riley discovered that if she curled up just right, she could fit in the denim chair.  It truly is a magical chair and a special spot for a cat (or puppy) nap. :)


So it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to our beloved denim chair and make a space for the new antique chair.  Don’t worry, Bandit has already found a comfy spot to sleep on the new chair, too.  And if Riley decides that she’d like to try it out, well let’s just say she better keep her paws off my new velvet chair!! :) 

I’ll be back tomorrow (after a suitable mourning period) to introduce the new, fabulous chair! :)

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