Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July!  And Happy Fourth Birthday to It’s a Horvath’s Life!

Yep!  I’ve been blogging here for four years today.  243 posts later and still going strong.  Thanks for joining me here!  It’s been a real pleasure to share our life with you on the blog!  And while you are here, I wanted to share our Independence Day decorations with you.

I decided to decorate just the front porch this year since we aren’t having any kind of party, like last year.  I put our flag up and added a few more flags to the ferns on the porch.  And then I put my painted flag art on the front door.


The hydrangeas are really looking good, but apparently they didn’t get the memo about red, white and blue, so they are jumping in there with some purple and pink, too!



I moved my former porch arrangements up to the deck where they could get some more sun and in their place I put these two ferns.  They seem to really like it here and have sprouted all new fronds.  Yay!


Very patriotic, no?

Hope everyone has a Happy Independence Day!

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