Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Cookie Monster 2nd Birthday Party

My favorite nephew turned two last weekend and we celebrated with a cookie monster party!  Ruger loves Sesame Street and cookies (yummy, yummy!) so the party theme was a no brainer.  And of course we DIYed as many details of the party as possible. 

The invitation I designed in Publisher with our color scheme and cookie monster graphic:


The decorations were all in shades of brown and blue with polka dots and stripes.  I designed all the printables including table signs, centerpieces, and a banner using Publisher.  The centerpieces were just paper circles glued to wooden skewers and stuck into the little tin buckets that I used last year.  Yay for the party vault! :)  They were double-sided and the other side said “Happy Birthday Ruger”.  They were simple and cute.


There were more signs on the treats table and food table, as well as one indicating a drinks spot (Me Thirsty!) and a place for gifts (Me Want Presents!).  That cookie monster sure is greedy! ;)


I also made several paper garlands with brown and blue cardstock that was punched in circles and sewn together into a chain.  I love it! 



Like last year, we decorated the metal doors in the carport with paper medallions.  I took all the blue and tan ones from last year and changed out the circle in the center for a cookie themed one. :)  Then I made a few new ones in a turquoise paper.  They have magnets on the back to stick to the doors, but you could just tape them up to a regular wall or doors.  These things are going to get a lot of use in the future!


In addition to all the printables, we also DIYed a bunch of edibles!  My sister made sliders for dinner and all the fixin’s.  It was delicious!


We also had some other stuff for Cookie Monster to munch on, like… plastic utensils!  Nom, nom! :)


We had three kinds of cookies (obviously!) as well as cupcakes and a cookie monster cake!  I made most of these and I’ll be posting a tutorial for the treats soon!




We also had little treat bags so guests could take cookies home as favors.  The bags were from etsy, and I made the labels.


The littlest cookie monster enjoyed his fair share of cookies and some cake!



We also had balloons, but they were dancing in the wind all day.  You know, when the children weren’t stealing them to release into the sky!  The polka dot ones were my favorite, I found them on Amazon.


After dinner and cake, Ruger had a great time opening presents and playing with his cousins.  He got a couple tractor toys, a fancy tricycle, a toy chainsaw (his favorite) as well as a bunch of other toys and lots of new clothes.  It’s great to be two!




We all had a lovely afternoon watching Ruger delight in his birthday and celebrating as a family. 



Happy Birthday Ruger!  We love you! :)

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P.S.  For details from last year’s cowboy soiree click here.  And for more party ideas, check out the Party Time category.  Happy party planning!  I’ll be back soon with the all the details and a Horvath-style tutorial for the cookie monster treats.  :)  Stay tuned!


Anna M said...

Great work~! I love all the blues but my favorite are the cookie monster cupcakes with the cookies scattered about. fun stuff! Maybe next year you can come to family reunion so we can catch up.