Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Black and White Raven Themed Halloween Mantel

Hey! Long time no see!  I’m back and I have a Halloween mantel to share!  Yippee, Halloween time is here!   

I’ve been busy at my parents’ house in a decorating frenzy over the past weekend. I set to work decorating every square inch that I could get my hands on.  I still have a lot of things to add, but most of those will go on at the last minute.  :)

First things first, my favorite, the Halloween mantel.


I used basically the same scheme as last year but I decided to limit myself to black and white this year with a couple of purple glittery things thrown in, as usual.  The living room is a purple and black theme so I have to coordinate.  I also wanted to incorporate a raven theme, so I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a bunch more ravens, we have so many now! :)  It’s an infestation… I love it!

I started with creepy cloth on the whole thing and my spooky lighted trees on either end.  Then I filled in with stacks of books turned with the pages out to keep the neutral theme.  I added some silver candlesticks and white candles, a white pumpkin, black and silver skulls and a flock of ravens perched on every surface. 

I love how the neutral book pages tie in with the gold mirror. 




My mom added these puck lights behind all the décor to uplight it with a ghostly glow!  I love it! I’ll be adding votive candles to the display for the party, too.



On the stove, I finished off the scene with our giant purple pumpkin and a purple skeleton perched on top.  He must be buddies with that crow, too. :)  I wrapped the pumpkin in purple LED lights for a little glow.


Our party is starting earlier this year so there will be more daylight and everything will be more visible.  The added ambient lighting will come in later when darkness falls. 

Since we are in here, I will show you the stairway decorations and the bookcase, which continue the purple and black theme.

The bookcase is almost the same as last year, but I added these silver branches to the front and switched up the stuff on top.  The buffet table goes in front, and it will complement the scene. 


The stairwell is the same as last year.  I made the garland out of garbage bag strips tied on a length of twine.  I still love it!


And on the wall behind the couch is our graveyard scene and spooky branches hanging above.  It’s the best!  I still have to add bats to the walls, but we are almost done in this room!


I just made a purple and black wreath that would look awesome in here, but I’m not sure where it will end up. 


I bought a purple and black tinsel garland, a tinsel spider and the boo sign from ACMoore then added in the spiderweb decoration (from Party City) and some purple feathery picks from Michaels.  I love it!  It was so fun and so easy to make just by wrapping the tinsel on a wreath frame and then wiring on the decorations.

I’ll be back to share more decorations from the Guthrie Estate soon!  Stay tuned!  Only 17 days to go!

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