Monday, October 12, 2015

All Decked out for Fall

Cooler temperatures are here, fall is in the air and there is nothing better than sitting outside enjoying the breeze!  And now that our new deck and patio are finished, we have the perfect spot to relax outdoors.


Our dream had always been to have the lower deck covered with a ceiling/roof so the furniture would stay clean and mostly dry.  I also wanted a ceiling fan to help with the summer heat!  So, for my birthday my parents granted my wish.  Mama bought the ceiling for us (it’s Tuftex vinyl panels) and my Papa came and installed it.  :) Thanks Papa!!  Here’s a selfie of us working on the ceiling. Hehe :)


And here is the finished product:


It turned out nicely.  Now we have a lovely weather-resistant outdoor room.  (I won’t say weatherproof, because rain can still blow in from the sides and get things wet!)  The fan is nice, too and creates quite a powerful breeze.  We haven’t needed it much yet, but I’m sure next summer we will be so thankful for it!  The light is great and it has a dimmer so we can lower it in the evenings for a nice ambiance. 


The furniture fits perfectly down here in the new larger space with the addition of the metal couch that Mama found a couple of years ago.  I centered it on the long “wall”.




Then I put the loveseat over in the corner by the stairs to create a nice conversation space. 


Our sewing machine treadle table makes a great spot for drinks or plants. :)


It’s a very inviting view coming down the stairs from the upper deck now.  I enjoy the walk a lot more since we moved the stairs to the other side.  The lower deck feels more integrated in the design.  Before we almost never used this space.


The upper deck has its own purpose, too with the metal dining table.


My new planter fits nicely in the small section by the stairs.  Mama found this one for me, it’s just like the one she has!  We put together a mum and ornamental cabbage arrangement for fall. 



The upper deck is nice at night, too with the addition of some string lights and candles.  It’s a nice spot for an alfresco meal. We love it!


And we have enjoyed a view evenings on the lower deck, too…


This firepot was a birthday gift.  It is really cool, we love it!  Thanks Debbie and Nelson!



My lanterns and tiki table torches light up the area pretty nicely.  :) 


I am so happy with how everything turned out!   Can’t wait until we can have a big party out here and enjoy the deck and patio with all our friends and family.  :)

Until then, the countdown to Halloween is on!  I’ll be slaving away in the sewing room on costumes and working on party decorations in my spare time.  Stay tuned for all our festive plans!

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