Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Spring Horvath's Life Update

Well friends, spring has sprung and I have been busy in the garden planting lots of new pretty flowers and spreading mulch.  We have a certain little girl who will be turning one next month so we have to get everything shaped up for her very special first birthday party!!

We planted over our garden plot last fall and this year it is quite a lush crop of grass for running and playing.  Riley and the cousins enjoy it a lot.  I'm sure when Georgia starts walking (and running) she'll be into it, too!  The flower beds down here are in full bloom, with irises, roses, and lilies popping up every week.

The backyard we reseeded (again) this spring in anticipation of Georgia's party.  My mom and I added fresh mulch to the beds and I planted some pretty impatiens and phlox along the fence.  It's looking nice back here now.

I've also added a few annuals on the deck.  I potted my favorite nonstop begonia, which I put on the lower deck where hopefully it will not get too much water (hopefully I remember to give it enough water!)  Every year I spend money on these plants and then leave them out in the heavy spring rains and they just die.  I think the excessive water is why they die.  This year I am trying a new plan.  We'll see if they survive my treatment. :)  Anyway, aren't they gorgeous?  How can I resist a fluffy pink bloom as big as my hand?

I also got three hanging baskets for the deck, two with new guinea impatiens and sweet potato vine and the middle one is a fuchsia in a beautiful new metal basket.  The basket is called a "parasol basket" and I found a similar one available online here.  Mama and I found them at a local greenhouse and I just loved the unique style.  The hummingbirds are loving those lush pink and purple blooms!

I also got four new guinea impatiens for the fence.  I added four coral bells in between the hostas for a pop of light green.  I love the new look.

The mailbox bed is in full bloom with roses, irises and primrose.  So pretty this time of year!

On the upper deck, I've added a geranium and lantanas, and some potted herbs and ferns.

In other happenings, Georgia is 11 months old!  Can you believe this cutie is almost a year old?

She is a joy--always smiling, babbling, rolling around and entertaining us.  Lucky for me she isn't crawling or walking yet, but she manages to roll and wiggle herself into trouble nonetheless!

She and Riley are best buddies.  Or Riley tolerates her endless "petting" and face-grabbing.  One day soon I'm sure Riley will start enjoying Georgia's attention, once she learns how to throw the ball for her. :)

We spend our days playing, going for walks in the neighborhood, (Georgia loves this, she listens for dogs barking nearby and responds with "boof, boof") swinging outside in the swing and hammock and working on her new skills including pulling up and standing.  She also loves to visit her Mimi and Papa and her Aunt Hannah and her cousins.

But of course, no one's attention can compare to her Daddy's.  She is Daddy's girl.  

 And maybe a little bit Mommy's girl, too! :)

We love her.

Can't wait til her birthday so I can share all the festivities with you!  Come back soon!