Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Curtains for the Nursery

Hello friends!  Hope you are having a lovely summer!  It's been hot, hot, hot around here so Georgia and I spend most of our time indoors, avoiding the sun.  That bright summer sunshine was making Georgia's room super warm and super bright (not good for naptime) so I finally decided to get some new drapes for her room.  These are from Target's Pillowfort Collection.  They are pink clipped dot with a blackout lining.  We keep them closed most of the time, but they look so pretty open! :)

To further beat the heat in here, we added a white ceiling fan.  My father came and installed it for me.  Thanks Papa!  It's so nice to have a breeze, and it's definitely much cooler in here now.

In addition to new curtains, I've added a bookshelf where there used to be a little table and switched up the accessories.  Georgia loves to play with the books on that bottom shelf.  :)

We also added a carbon monoxide/smoke alarm.  This one has a voice warning rather than just beeping so you will know if the alarm is for carbon monoxide, fire, or just low batteries.  There is nothing more annoying that being awakened at 2am by some beeping equipment and not being able to figure out which alarm is beeping and why!

After Georgia's first birthday I printed this collage of her monthly photos for her room.  I just love looking back at how tiny and cute she was!

She's still pretty cute, huh?  Just not as tiny!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll try to get back here sooner next time for more house updates.  We're working on some projects in the den and I also have a couple of cute kid things to share, too!  Eventually...

Until then, enjoy your summer!