Friday, May 25, 2018

Laundry Co.

Hi readers!  I know it's been a looooong time since you heard from me on the blog.   I've been busy working behind the scenes on lots of things I just haven't had time to share.  Toddler mom problems.  :) You understand.  

So, to kick off my long-awaited return, I am featuring a laundry room refresh today!  After Christmas I decided I had just had enough of the acoustic tile drop ceiling in our laundry room.  I couldn't take it anymore, so I asked my dad if we could replace it with something nicer.  He promptly arrived with tool belt and began taking down the old tiles and framing system.  

Before: (blech)

You're welcome for that visual.  Go now and rip out your acoustic tiles.  I'll wait.  :)

After the ceiling was out we were left with decisions.  Ultimately we decided we had to put another dropped ceiling in here since there is tons of plumbing and what not running under the ceiling joists as well as a huge air duct at the front.  So, Papa and I (mostly Papa) devised a plan to hang a support system of 2x4s from the ceiling joists to attach a pine beadboard ceiling to.  We used a thin beadboard that is intended to go on a wall or existing drywall ceiling, but we managed to make it work with nothing but supports behind it every couple of feet.  Here's what it looked like:

We left the exisiting "crown molding" at the edge of the wall to support the end of each piece and to cover up the seam where it meets the wall.  Papa did all the hard parts, but he made me stand in the corner on top of the washing machine and cram myself into a tiny little hole in the ceiling to fasten the pieces to the molding from above at the end of the room. 

 Obligatory Papa photo. :)

When we finally wrapped up with the ceiling installation, I was so happy with the look that I decided not to paint the beadboard white or stain it or anything.  Originally I figured I would want it to be white, but honestly I don't have time to paint it right now anyway!  We considered painting it in advance before installing it, but once again I didn't have the time (or babysitters?) so we just went ahead and put it up unfinished.  Maybe in a couple years if it starts looking weird from moisture issues or stains or something I will get around to painting it.  I kind of love the light wood look!  It's like nothing else in our house, but it complements the neutral decor. 

Speaking of decor, of course after I installed a new ceiling, I had to repaint the room.  And the cabinets.  Haha!  I ended up going with a pale cream/yellow color (ironic since it was yellow before) on the walls and a gray cabinet paint.

So fresh!  I really like the new paint color, it brightens up the room.  Michael was really sad to see the stripes go.  It was one of his favorite projects of mine.  But, after ten years the paint was worn out and needed updating anyway.

I had this little white shelf in the kitchen for some years.  I had kept it because it was too cute to get rid of and now I'm glad I did because I converted it into a towel rack to go on the wall!  I just added a dowel on the inside to hang the towels across.  Isn't it cute?  The old towel rack was just a thin metal rod.  So ugly.  This is much nicer!  The art I used to have in our master bath and the new towels are from Kohl's!

The formerly black cabinet looks really updated and nice painted gray.  I painted the mirror frame to match.  It complements the rug we already had, too!

Oh and we got a new light fixture on Amazon.  It's nice and bright and modern.

Gosh, we also got a new faucet but for some reason I never took pictures after that.  Papa installed it for me last month (and the corresponding new drain just last week!) Thanks Papa!

And of course, the finishing touch, a new sign to replace my laundry letters.  I was so proud of those letters spelling out LAUNDRY when I made them ten years ago.  Gosh, what a sophisticated decor choice! Hahaha!  Anyway, maybe this sign is just as sophisticatedless.  I don't know.  But I saw it on Pinterest, and thought it was cute and rustic so I had to copy it.  :)  Papa built it (seeing a theme here?) and I painted it.  You know you want one, too!

Naturally, since I took these photos way back in April, the laundry room has changed a bit.  We are in the process of moving the office to the den, so there's been some reshuffling of the furniture.  But this is the "after" picture that you're getting!  I hope to come back soon and update you on the new office/den situation as well as the new "playroom" where the office used to be! :)  Hooray blog!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you back here real soon!  


TA Guthrie said...

Now if we can only do something with that linolium flooring...LOL