Monday, September 14, 2009

Phase Three: Lighting

So, now that the big players are in place in the Great Den Decorating process, I got to work on some supporting cast.

Lighting… well the lighting in the den kinda sucks.  But I can’t afford a new ceiling fixture… I’m thinking drum shade pendant light?  Dunno.  Anyway, in the meantime, I got a lamp.  The same lamp that has been with me to college, an apartment and formerly lighted the living room in our house.

Exhibit A:


So to vamp it up a bit, I decided to paint it blue to match the couch.

A few coats of spray paint later, Mr. lamp is spiffy:


And that table he’s sitting on?  Well there’s a story behind that piece of furniture, too!

It was part of a great huge entertainment cabinet that my brother was getting rid of.  Here is what it looked like scattered in pieces in our garage:

cabinet top

That’s the top cabinet part up there.  Here’s the bottom part and its doors being painted:


So, those are some awesome before pictures, right? haha

Well, after determining that the cabinets together were far too large for our space, we decided to make a TV stand cabinet out of the bottom part.  It was a little a lot dinged up, so after we patched it with sawdust and glue (yeah, that’s right!) I painted it semi-gloss black:


And then I had my father cut a piece of MDF the size of the top and router the edge.  After several coats of paint and polyurethane, the top is ready for its accessories:


There you have it.  A salvaged piece of furniture for just the cost of paint!  Oh, and a fancy “new” lamp, too. 

How bout it?  You know you want one.


Andrea said...

You're right... I DO want one! ;-)