Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mirror Makeover

The other day I was browsing Goodwill with my mom, looking for some frames for my botanical prints when what to my wandering eye should appear… a gorgeous mirror!


I was literally walking (that’s how I walk) down the main aisle toward the “home decor” department and when I saw it, and I knew immediately it had to be mine.  For the $4.50 price, I couldn’t pass it up.  Especially since Mama was threatening to buy it if I didn’t! 

So, we got it home, cleaned it up and removed the mirror from the frame.  The next dilemma was deciding what color to paint it.  Hmmm…. black? white? oil rubbed bronze?

Eventually I decided it would look swell in our master bedroom with the elegant swirly floral curtains and the proper little velvet chair.  Just a little more glam for the glammest corner in the house. :)

So I decided to paint it a slate blue kind of color to coordinate with the duvet and curtains.  I was all prepared to go buy [another] can of paint (yeah that’s how I waste money) when my Mama pulls out this awesome slate blue car paint!  Whoo hoo!  It was made for flexible things like plastic, so double score… cuz my mirror ain’t as fancy as it looks—yeah, like all good things in life, it’s plastic!*

  * with the exception of chocolate which is not plastic… and it’s pretty good.

Anyway, Mama was kind enough to paint it for me with the awesome blue car paint that was leftover from my brother’s truck (or some such thing).  Thanks, John! 

Here it is all done up in blue:


And this is the glammest corner in the house.  :)


What do you think?  Now you need to get down to Goodwill and see what kinds of thrifty treasures are waiting for you!  And don’t forget your spray paint!



Hannah said...

sure glad chocolate is not made of plastic...lovely mirror, btw!

Andrea said...

That's EXACTLY what I was going to say, Hannah! Thank goodness for chocolate! :-) Now Sarah, if you could just come visit up here and show me how to shop a Goodwill the way you'd do and find some great steals & deals, that would be great!

Brian O said...

Love it. So who did it say was the fairest of them all?