Saturday, January 09, 2010

Master Suite Reveal

So, I realize there are a few spots of my house that I haven’t showcased on this blog, namely our Master Bedroom.  We never did anything majorly DIY in there (except the closet shelving system I showed you last year).  But it’s probably my favorite room in the house, maybe a close second to the dining room, which has flowers on the curtains and also just a smidge of pink… so its pulling ahead ;)  Next to the dining room, the bedroom is the most completely perfect room, hehe.  Except for the dressers being mismatched, the curtains being too short, and the mattress being too tall. gah!  As if anything could ever be “perfect” in my house.  It can always be improved. Forever.

Anyway… Here’s our lovely master:


The bed and nightstands were built by my father  from solid maple in the style of Pottery Barn’s Sumatra Bedroom set.  I think it’s perfect!  The damask stripe linens are from JCPenney in slate blue.  The shams I made, as well as the cream velvet accent pillows.  The lamp was refurbished with a base from Goodwill (I can’t believe how well it matches everything!). 

The fern art is DIY with glass floating frames and fern clippings from the garden.  I didn’t even dry them first, just washed the glass and sandwiched them in there.  They have since dried and turned a nice greenish brown color. hehe. 


The other wall art in here is our family tree, a photo collage, and a sunrise shot from our wedding day (Thanks Nick!).


I made the curtains from slate blue embroidered silk polyester (shhh!)  The ghost chair (as we call it) was a $30 thrift store find that my mother reupholstered in the same velvet as the accent pillows.  I love the little pillow, which I made and trimmed with beaded trim!  Swanky, no? 


That is Michael’s dresser…  ‘Nuff said.

Now for the transformative part of the room.  This was my monolith of a dresser BEFORE:


So, while the top of the dresser was a great place to hide plants from the cat, I recently decided to lighten things up a bit and take off the hutch part of the dresser.  Here’s the simplified AFTER:


This small change is precisely why I had to get a new mirror for the dining room!  One day I just decided that I wanted to take that top part off the dresser.  Well, once I took it down, of course, I had to “shop the house” for a new mirror.  There was really only one contender.  This beauty!  I love it in here.  Just as much as I love the new one that took its place in the dining room.

Here’s my silver vanity tray.  It’s fancy.  Or as my sister would say: “FANCY”.  Which just means you have to say it fancy, too. :)


So, the major future DIY projects in here are:

  1. Lengthen the curtains with cream silk shantung borders, remove tiebacks and hang ‘em higher from rings on new FANCY brushed nickel rods.
  2. Paint.  But what color?  We have been contemplating Olympic’s Classic Khaki.  Or pale blue? Or some variety of cream?  I have no idea!  What do you think?
  3. Make a duvet cover to match the curtains (already have the fabric for this project!)  I’m thinking something like this one:

blue bedding

That’ll look great over here, maybe with a few more pillows ;)


Okay, now I am in love with my bedroom all over again.  But since we’re in here, let’s take a peek at the adjoining master bath, too, shall we?


These are my lovely new bath towels (a Christmas gift from my sister) that perfectly match our fern shower curtain. 


That’s the other side.  Okay, I admit, that’s an old picture.  Pre new towels and new art.  I’m lazy, yes!

So, in here what should we put on the DIY list?

  1. Frame mirror.  Naked mirrors are so yesterday! :)
  2. Refinish vanity and cabinet in a darker stain with new knobs.  Or should we paint them?  Hmm… gonna have to think on that one.
  3. Get a new faucet.  That’ll have to be a GPDIFU project.  That’s “Get Papa to Do It For Us”.  I don’t think anyone wants to see the fallout from Sarah attempting to change a faucet without assistance! :)

So, what was supposed to be a nice “pictures only” post has turned into a lot of words!  Poor Hannah… she hates to read.  So I’m out!  Thanks for coming along to see our master suite.



Andrea said...

I love it all! What a wonderful idea it was to make a large print of the picture Nick took the morning of your wedding! It made him smile when I told him you have "his artwork" up in your house ;-) When we get a house, can I get you to help me decorate??

Sarah said...

Why sure... I would love to help you decorate! Can't wait till you get a house!! :)

Hannah said...

Definitely too many words, but I read it ALL! I really like the new idea for the duvet...much nicer than JCPenney! I guess we should have been looking for accent fabric for that at Mary Jo's. Yeh, when you're done with Andi's I guess you can help me! :)