Thursday, July 01, 2010

La Salle de Bain


I’m going to let you in on a little secret… my house is not perfect.  And neither am I.  ::gasp::  Let me tell you a little story about how imperfect we are.  And the great lengths we go to disguise it.

Chapter 1

The kind folks who lived here before us left two stick up hooks on the back of the bathroom door.  Sounds innocuous, no?  I’ve done the same kind of thing… only to my parents’ house and college dorms.  I definitely wouldn’t do it in my own home… my beautiful, perfect, double-stick-adhesive-free home.  So, as soon as we moved in and I began slapping “Sarah” all over this place, (namely slapping a purple wreath on the bathroom door… poor Michael) I had to remove the seemingly innocuous stick up hooks.  Let’s just say they didn’t go without a fight.  And maybe I wasn’t the victor this time.  And maybe this ruined my chances for a “perfect” house.  ::sob::

This is why 3M invented command strips, people!

Anyway, I tore off part of the fine wood particle door with the first hook and left a great chunk of adhesive foam with the second.  Grrr!  Not to be deterred by this bump in the road to my perfect house, I slapped that purple wreath over the marred surface without a second thought.  And then I proceeded to ignore it for two years. :)

Chapter 2

Enter, bathroom makeover.  Pictures are un-hung, towel bars removed, and silly purple wreaths taken down for the painting to begin.  And there, right where I left them… the ugly marks from the evil stick up hooks… mocking me again!  Y’all know me, I’m not going to be mocked by some sticky foam and scarred wood!  Enter spackle and scraper and elbow grease!  Take that sticky foam!  Tick, tick, tick…. spackle dry… sanding…


Evil sticky foam spackle section leaves a lovely little smooth place on otherwise wood particle textured door!  ::wail::  Paint over evil smooth spackle spot and wait for inspiration.

Chapter 3

Enter ugly butterfly canvas print. So ugly that I never even took a before photo.  And so ugly that the thrift store practically gave it to me to paint over one day.  Yay!  We are saved!  Paint over it we shall!  But what? 

A sign so people will know they are in my perfect, fantastic bathroom, in case the surroundings and fixture fail to alert them.  A sign with “Bathroom” written on it.  Yeah, but in French!  Cuz French is fancy!  Parfait!

Search internet for fancy design for fancy sign.  Find fancy font (Freebooter Script-  Resize and print.  Add more flourishes for extra fanciness: 


With pencil, transfer to newly painted canvas.


Paint to match wall color.  Add brown shadows = Super Fancy!


Hang on door over ugly spackle spots.  Voila!

IMG_2439 IMG_2490

La fin.



Molly Brown said...

Teehehe...U R so funny Sarah....but I'm glad you told me what this means, because the next time I visited your bathroom...I would be sitting there reading this and would have thought it said "Is Sally in Pain?" LOL...
All kidding aside did a fantastic job and LOVE the favorite color!!!