Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Super Fantastic Fourth Photos!

That’s fourth, as in fourth of July! 

Just had to share my super fantastic fourth and fireworks photos!  You see, it’s easy to be fantastic when you take about fifty shots… then just weed out the blurry ones! Ha!

Here’s a few from our house, donning patriotic duds for our cookout:


I love bunting! 

I have wanted red, white, and blue bunting for July 4th since I was a little kid, making my polka dot Uncle Sam’s hat out of tagboard and running up and down the street with my sister and our flag singing America, the Beautiful.  (<— dorks)  Now I finally got some for my stair railing!  Yay!


I also made a couple of flag pillow covers from a screen printed flag that I got free from the fabric store a couple years ago.  Perfect!


Plus, we went all-out patriotic this year and bought a flag for our porch.  Doesn’t it look super fantastic on our "colonial-esque” house?  I think so.


And here’s a few from the fireworks show at Tanglewood this year: 

IMG_2524 IMG_2529 IMG_2542 

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!