Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sconce Spruce Up

I’ve been meaning to repaint/replace our front porch sconces for some time now.  They have been sporting a lovely worn brass finish with green cruddy accents.  Lovely, no?  Ummm, could that even be considered brass? 


A few weeks ago I had my handy Papa take them down for me.  After surveying the condition, we determined that this was nothing a couple coats of spray paint couldn’t handle!  Papa took them home to his sandblaster and blasted the crud off of them for me.  That left them with a fresh and smooth finish, reading for painting.  It was so pretty that I almost left them that matte gold tone finish, but I finally decided just to paint them.  I chose satin black Rustoleum for a classic, all-weather finish.  After three good coats, they were ready to be reassembled and reinstalled.  Last week, we finally got them back up.  What a nice transformation.

IMG_2915    IMG_2914

I went ahead and spray painted the house numbers, too.  I wanted to get new ones that were less round-ish, but I figured, who really notices what your house numbers look like?  Stop being insane and paint the dang things! :)  So I did.  And they show up against the tan house color much better now.


I also put spruced up my front door wreath for Fall!  It was feeling like Fall out this weekend!

Can’t wait… I’ll have more Autumn decorations to show you soon!