Sunday, September 05, 2010

DIY Coffee Filter Light

What do you with 200 coffee filters, a paper lantern, and a glue gun.  Well aside from some sort of Project Runway challenge, you could make this awesome pom pom light! 


I first saw this idea from Kara Paslay Designs and was instantly intrigued.  It reminded me of this capiz lotus flower light that I found here:


Awesome, right… yeah but who has $300 to shell out for a trendy light fixture… Not me.  So, when Kara Paslay finally released her secret to this awesome light—coffee filters, I was eager to try my own version.  Luckily coffee filters are super cheap.  Throw in a little (okay a lot) hot glue, a small paper lantern, and a corded light kit = Success!  All for under $20 bucks!  Mine cost me only $2 for coffee filters since I already had hot glue, and a paper lantern leftover from my sister’s wedding.

I started with a 12” lantern and used all my 200 coffee filters with 1/3 of the lantern left to cover.  That’s when I realized that my lantern was going to be huge.  12” base + 3” fluffy filters on both sides was coming out way too big for the space.  So, I begrudgingly ripped all the filters off the first lantern (thus rendering it shredded… and garbage… casualty of DIY gone wrong.)  After procuring a second smaller lantern (this one about 9”) I reglued all the puffs.  200 was almost perfect!  I have a few spots that need another puff or two, but I figured it was good enough to try it out!

Here it is, in its new home… our newly decorated guest room!  And luckily I found a way to disguise most of the cord behind the curtain!  The only problem I haven’t overcome yet is how to turn it on more easily.  The cord has a little switch on it, but unfortunately that part ended up behind the bed… annoying but not impossible... maybe I should get one of these.  By day, it looks like a cool pom pom hanging from the ceiling.  Very fluffy and textural.

IMG_2899    IMG_2900

It gives off a soft glow during the day…


And really lights up the room at night…


I love it!  Makes me want to lay on the guest bed and stare at the pretty fluffy texture all night.  :) 

What do you think?  I figure if I get tired of it in here or “some people” deem it too trendy, tacky, or strange, it will make an awesome night light for our someday nursery. :)

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday weekend… I’ll be back with more updates in here as soon as our upholstered headboard is finished!



Andrea said...

Love, love, love it! wow!