Tuesday, November 02, 2010

14th Annual Halloween Costume Party

Well, Halloween has come and gone, and November is here.  Time for a glimpse into our night of fright over at the Haunted Fort Guthrie…

Guests arrived in the graveyard and came up the porch stairs lighted by lanterns and twinkle lights. 


The front stairway was infested with rats and bats and lighted with trios of votives and pumpkin luminaries.


The main room was for dining, with dinner spread out on the banquet table.


The wrought iron chandelier was decorated with dried hydrangeas and Spanish moss, creating a focal point for the room.


The food table was highlighted by two silver candelabras with blood red tapers.  A black crow perches on the left, surveying his dinner options, which included taco salad, mummy dogs, deviled eggs, cheesy witch’s hat, stuffed potatoes, and grilled shrimp.


On in the middle room, shredded and stained curtains set the scene for guests to have a drink from the silver punch bowl.


Spooky silhouettes adorn the wall above the dessert buffet, which featured blondies, ghost krispie treats, and a haunted house cake.


The haunted house was decorated with Reese’s Pieces roof tiles, candy corn luminaries, and a path of sprinkles; a pretzel fence keeps out onlookers as a monster digs his way out of the graveyard in front of the house.


Yet another bird has taken up residence in the dining room, perched on a black brass bowl of fruit.


A creepy partygoer peered around the doorway where tapers and votives lit a neglected antique desk.


The parlor doors were adorned with a ruined swag curtain and in front a small table was set for guests to dine.      


It won’t be long before nature takes back this manor, black ivy has already made its way into the foundation, and crept along the parlor walls.


Even in its ruined state, the stately home made a perfect spot for a vampire and her friends to party.

IMG_3175 vampire

Hope you all had a spooky and fun Halloween!



Andrea said...

So fun and spooky!
And you made the cheesy witch's hat! How was it?

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Wow! This is amazing!! Love the silhouettes.