Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Master Bath Reveal!

A couple weeks ago I started this master bathroom makeover and I am finally back to reveal the finished product!  You may remember our old vanity cabinet—Builder grade plywood with an oak stain; it was dirty, scuffed, and lackluster.  Nothing that a little sanding and a million five coats of stain can’t solve.  :)  I used the same technique as before with my favorite Bombay Mahogany Polyshade.  Polyshade is stain + polyurethane all in one.  It goes on like thin paint rather than stain, so you have a lot more risk of runs, drips, and brush marks.  I had my fair share that I had to sand out, but after five coats, they are not so noticeable.  As it dries, the brush marks settle out and give a nice smooth finish (hopefully!).  Even with a few mistakes, it still looks way better than before.  And for the price of stain and hardware, you can’t beat this DIY cabinet makeover!  Throw in a new matching mirror frame and a few accessories and voila!

IMG_4362 IMG_4629

Goodbye Blah… Hello Fabulous!



It’s hard to tell in these photos, but there are highlights and lowlights in the finish.  It looks more like stained wood than painted wood in real life.  To finish off the new look, I added new brushed nickel knobs (eBay) and spray painted the old hinges and reused them.  I love the new look!  Especially the mirror frame!  It makes the mirror look huge, and reminds me of a fancy hotel.  :) 

For the frame, we bought simple molding, mitered the corners, stained it, and stuck it to the mirror.  Easy elegance.


Now, the vanity coordinates with our oil rubbed bronze shelf, shower curtain rod, and framed art. 


While I was at it with the polyshade, I slapped a couple coats on the butterfly frame so it has a fresh look, too.


  Now that my second foray into staining cabinetry is at an end, I think I can safely say this bathroom is DONE! :)

(for now) ;)

It has come a long way from back in 2008 when we moved in.  Here’s your parting glance:

IMG_8204  IMG_4633

So, comments are open, I want to hear, What do YOU think?



Brian O said...

I've thought about doing the exact same thing around our bathroom mirror, a little more of a hassle due to our backsplash running right up to it though.

Anonymous said...

It looks great!

Andrea said...

Fabulous! Now come on over to our place and work your magic with our bathroom, please! ;-)