Monday, January 31, 2011

A Spring Inspired Mantelscape

Most people probably don’t acknowledge the word “mantelscape”.  It’s like “tablescape”, but for your mantel.  Okay, some of you don’t acknowledge the word “tablescape” either.  It’s okay.  But in the world of home decor, mantelscapes are important.  People host link parties for them.  While I don’t find them important enough to party over (okay, maybe sometimes I do), I do like to decorate my mantel.  And “mantelscape” is easier to say and faster to type than “random stuff I arranged on the shelf over my fireplace.”

Anyway, after refreshing the foyer, and stealing our family sign from over the mantel, this area was looking a little neglected… especially since it hadn’t been redecorated after the Christmas decor was removed.  So, I set to work arranging random stuff on the shelf over my fireplace. :)  Some of it was already here, and some of it I thieved from other rooms.  I took those flower prints from the foyer before the refresh, and the green vase from the laundry room, and the other vases I had in the kitchen cabinets sans flowers, so I put them to use in here.  I like the different metallic finishes we’ve got going on, all variations of silvery gold.  And I’m digging the Spring colors popping off the blue walls… green and pink, my favorite :)  I thought about doing something Valentine’s inspired up there, but I didn’t really have any hearts and cupids laying around, and didn’t really feel like getting crafty, so I’m thinking this mantelscape will last well into Spring.  And for now, it’s serving to remind me that Winter won’t stick around forever, and Spring is just around the corner!




While we’re in here, I thought I’d show you the second wingback chair that was finished last year, but never pictured.

IMG_4506 IMG_4507

He’s a happy guy… if I could just keep Bandit from using the back as a scratching post, I’d be golden.  (Evil cat.)

And I did a little sprucing over on the black cabinet, as well.  But I ran out of cute pink stuff.  Tragedy. 


Anyway, hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of winter.  As if!

I hope Spring makes its arrival early this year!

And so does Riley…




Andrea said...

I never thought the day would come when you would run out of "pink stuff"!! ;-)