Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baskets o’ Blooms

Spring is finally here to stay and to celebrate the warmer weather and sunshine, I’ve been container gardening all around the yard.  :)  My new fence presented the perfect spot to hang some baskets overflowing with spring blossoms.  With the addition of some hooks, the fence posts now display all this blooming goodness!


I bought the cute little baskets for $5 each at Walmart.  And then I added some good garden soil from the yard and purple verbena with an assortment of pink, purple, and white trailing petunias.  Hopefully I can keep them watered over the summer and they’ll continue to get bigger and more beautiful!


It really looks like a cute cottage garden fence to me now. :)



I also added some buckets of blooms up on the deck.  In addition to my potted herbs and pepper plants, I have two big baskets of flowers.  These beauties are usually hanging, but this year I decided to hang bird feeders instead.  I converted the hanging baskets to tabletop containers by removing the chains from the sides. 


These flowers came from Lowe’s Foods, of all places!  They are verbena, petunias, and mini petunias sold together in one pot and aptly named “confetti garden”.  At $6.50 a pot, it’s a deal for three different plants!  :)  I added in a small trailing bacopa (the white flowers in the back) for good measure.  We’ve had these plants on our hot list since 2007 when we used them as centerpieces at my brother’s wedding. Ever since, we just call it "wedding plant” instead of its real name.  :)  Even though these all like “full sun” best, I’m hoping they’ll like it okay up here in part shade on the deck. 


My potted herbs are getting the same part shade treatment; just steps away from the kitchen, convenience is the main factor in their location.  I still have a begonia that belongs in that top basket slot.  Below are thyme, parsley (got that mostly for my swallowtail caterpillars to munch on in the late summer), rosemary, and chives.


Next door to the herbs are my jalapenos…


Double impatiens and some awesome pink and green trailing plant called “Jacob’s coat”…


Followed by basil plants…


And around the corner is the cilantro.


In the far corner, next to the doors leading inside, is a pretty fern.  I had this pot leftover from some other annual last year and it was calling out for a fern to complement its classic look.  Me like.  Me no like the chippy, faded blue threshold.  Must paint. :)


The last basket of blooms is on the front porch.  This is the filler from my hanging basket of last year and has been overwintering in my Mama’s sunny studio.  These are geranium and impatiens.  It is on its way back to perking up with some fresh blooms.  I just love the little wire planter basket!  Cute cute!


Now that spring is in full swing, I’m staying busy on multiple projects around the yard.  I’ll be back with updates on two new planting beds, a new rock path, and of course, the long-awaited conclusion to A Fence for Riley! :) 



Hannah said...

Me like! hehe I really like the hanging pots on the fence...very nice!