Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Fence for Riley—The Third and Final Part

When I started this “Fence for Riley” segment, I was excited to share with you the building of our picket fence in the backyard.  Now it has been over a month since the fence was started and the excitement is starting to wane.  But at long last, the fence is finished and puppy Riley is contained! :)  So, instead of a long post detailing how to dig holes and run wire and hammer in staples, I’m going to cut to the chase!  A first for me, I know! :)  I give you… a fence for Riley—the wire edition:

The wire fence begins where the corner of the backyard meets the woods.  The next section has a gate adjacent to the English garden for easy access to the driveway with wheelbarrows and other garden paraphernalia.


It travels down beside the garden…


…Until it turns the corner in the trees.  We stopped the fence halfway into the woods so we wouldn’t have to clear all the underbrush.  These woods are wild, for now.  Riley only gets to romp and play in the upper part.


The fence continues parallel to the back line of our property, broken with another gate for access to the “wild”.


Then turns the corner just passed this random woodpile.  Very rustic, no?


Then back up the hill it goes to meet with the picket fence in the backyard. 


And that is how we took our yard from puppy escape zone to puppy play zone.  Free at last, Riley!


So here is your parting glance at our transformed backyard:



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Anonymous said...

Looks AWESOME!! I love that pic of Riley romping!!!