Friday, July 15, 2011

Let’s talk Lighting…

La-la-la-la-lighting.  It’s how we manage to get matching clothes on in the morning, prevent repeated toe-stubbing incidents, read fine print and what brings us cheer on dark winter days.  Basically, you need it… to see by.  :)

Lately, I’ve been pondering a few new lighting situations in my home.  A.K.A. Window shopping, daydreaming, and generally planning more ways to spend all our money on light fixtures. :) 

First up is the master bedroom closet—my semi-walk-in closet that is soon-to-be-painted pale pink.  Woot!  Here is what is currently lighting up my wardrobe:


Blech.  Jar light.  That’s just not the first thing I want to see in the morning. 

How ‘bout we replace it with something liiiike this!


Can’t you picture that in my future little pink closet? Love.

Moving on to the bedroom itself.  We have one overhead fixture in the center of the room, and I don’t like it (shocker!).  Besides being about the plainest light fixture in the world (other than a bare bulb with a pull chain) it doesn’t really put off that much light.  Exhibit A:


Sort of an interior overhead UFO.  Here’s what I’m dreaming of to replace it, since I know Michael will never go for a chandelier over the bed (le sigh.)  He did, however, say this light was “okay”.  Sounds like a yes to me! :)


We’re window shopping for the office, too, since it sports the same light fixture as the master bedroom.  Flying saucer.  We’ll need a masculine (since I’m decorating it for Michael—no butterflies allowed!) ceiling fan for cooling off the hottest room in the house (unless you count the kitchen when we’re cooking).  These computers sure do make a lot of heat.  This ought to do the job, and it has “roman” right there in the title.  Score.


Last but not least, we cannot forget the den, which is the room that started it all.  The room that is the most light-poor of all the rooms.  These (there are two of them in there) are what light my workspace:


I repainted them from a brown wood color, and added three 100-watt fluorescent bulbs, as if that was going to make some difference.  (It made it slightly brighter, but still just as ugly.) :)

These are what I want instead of ugly:


La-la-la-lovely.   Now, you know what to get me next time you’re looking for a gift idea. hehe

This concludes our session of light fixture window shopping… I have redesign dreams for the kitchen lighting, too, but they are half baked and will have to wait. :) 

What do you think of my lighting choices?  Are you crushing on some fancy new light fixtures, too? 

Spill it.