Monday, July 25, 2011

Pretty in Pink—Closet Makeover

Once upon a time, there was a girl (still is, really) who loved pink.  Just ask her friends and family, they’ll tell you how she was mad for pink!  Pink clothes, pink shoes, pink blankets, pink mixer and kitchen tools, too, just ask her husband about that!  Basically, if it came in pink, she had to have it!  However, she was (still is) married to a man who loathed pink.  So, she had to secret away her pink addiction, stowing it in her sewing room, clothes closet, and kitchen cabinets only to steal glimpses now and then of her beloved pink.  Then one day, she realized that even though she couldn’t bathe her house in pink, with pink carpet and pink couches, paint the living room pink or the kitchen or the den, there was one room in the house that was hers alone to do as she pleased—her walk-in master mistress closet!  And so, she decided to paint it her favorite shade.  Here’s her story:

When Glidden did their free quart of paint giveaway this year and I had to choose a color from the rainbow for my free quart, I knew that choosing a color from the computer screen was going to be difficult.  There was one color, though, that no matter the shade, I knew I would be happy with… PINK!  So, I gleefully ordered a quart of “Fresh Pink Lemonade” with plans to use it to paint my little walk-in closet. 

So, one day last week I set to work clearing out my closet and removing the shelves.  The baseboards were dirty, old cream and the walls some shade of ivory, but a fresh coat of semi-gloss white brought the trim and shelves back to life, while the walls got two coats of pink pink pink!!  Though it may have looked pale in the can, in a small room with no natural light, that pink came to life and sang on the walls.  It was so bright that it was bouncing off the walls and making the white door glow pink.  Frightening even for me, a girl who lives for pink!  Luckily, when I reinstalled the shelves, and stuffed my wardrobe back inside, most of the pink was covered except for the back wall, and the bright glow faded away to a serene pale perfect pink.  Now, with a backdrop of fresh pink lemonade, all my clothes look pinker. hehe.  See for yourself:


While I had all my clothes piled up on the bed, I decided it was high time to reorganize things a bit.  So after culling through and donating a bunch of things I no longer wear, I hung everything up on white plastic hangers.  It is so neat and organized now!


The OCD part of me really wanted to sort my sweaters by color, in a rainbow of pink and black (it seems those are my favorite colors for sweaters) but in the end I sorted them by how well they would stack in the cubbies together and then by color.  Real compromise, huh? ;) 


I love this rack of my jackets, all neatly hung on matching hangers and organized by color.  Makes me long for cooler temperatures.  But I know as soon as fall gets here, this side of my closet won’t stay so neat and tidy.  :)


I’m in love with my newly painted, newly organized PINK closet!

Here’s your parting glance at the transformation:

IMG_8878 IMG_6579

Think the next person to buy our house will smile when they see this closet, like me? 

Or perhaps you agree with Michael that I had better keep the door shut to hold the Pink at bay….



Donna Myers said...

I luv ur very organized PINK closet...but then I would, as I also luv pink & orginization rocks! It holds the key 2 freedom from a stressful life of clutter.