Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Stove from the Future!

Greetings friends!  I have been absent from the blog for far too long.  So I am back today to share an upgrade that we made last week!  My sister found us a new stove that someone was getting rid of and they wanted to give it to us for FREE!  So naturally I said YES!  As you may have noticed our stove was looking at little, well… dated.  I’m pretty sure it was original to the house which is twenty-eight this year!  Ick.  A new stove was definitely called for, and when our oven element broke at Christmas, I begged for a new stove.  But frugality won out and we replaced the element for cheap.  Boy am I glad we waited!  Because we never would have received this beauty for free.  (Thanks Hannah!)


Here is the old stove:


Blech.  And the new and improved:


The new stove is a bright white ceramic top model (from the future!)  It clearly trumps our old stove because it has not one, but two large burners and a self-cleaning oven.  Plus it’s bright and shiny, easy to clean the top, and the burners don’t go off intermittently while cooking. :)

So spiffy and clean!  See the difference:

 IMG_8302   IMG_9620 

Now the problem we are faced with is a highly mismatched set of appliances.  White stove, almond hood (or is it bisque??), almond fridge, black dishwasher.  Glory.

IMG_9620 IMG_9623

In true Sarah fashion, I have a plan.  I’m thinking I can paint the refrigerator (and hood if we can’t find an affordable replacement) and create a new white panel for the dishwasher perhaps?  At least that will get us a bit closer to a semblance of matching.  And luckily all our countertop appliances are white, so they will fit right in.

And in the process of sprucing the appliances I plan to paint the walls and trim.  A fresh coat of paint (and some color!) will go a long way to freshening up this neglected space.  It is surely deserving since we spend so much time in the kitchen.  The kitchen work will kick off next month and I’ll be bringing you all the details!

In the meantime, I’m celebrating the impending arrival of Spring with some of nature’s bounty in the kitchen window:


So, how do you like my new stove?  Think it’s highly futuristic?  Think that mismatching appliances could be the new trend? 

Yeah, me neither.



Hannah said...

Nice Stove!

Heather said...

hey Sarah.. keep up the good work..

Heather said...

Kodos to Hannah for finding a FREE stove.. looks great.. sounds good on what you have planned for the kitchen.. you're so talented and smart.. along with bright and cherrie

Anonymous said...

No mention of the skilled electrician who made all this possible.....Why is that?