Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Spring is here! Hooray!  And to celebrate I’ve got a Spring mantel reveal for you.  The weather has been so nice here lately that I’ve been outside spray painting thrift store treasures.  And mulching the flower beds, blowing leaves and planting bulbs.  But inside, it was starting to feel like Spring had not sprung.  :(  So, I whipped my mantel into shape to showcase some of Spring’s hues.  


I started with a thrift store candleholder-turned-vase filled with dogwood and forsythia.  It’s the one on the left with the cutout design.  I think it was meant to hold a tealight, but I envisioned it as a vase for faux floral.  (Wouldn’t hold water for the real stuff).  Plus it’s architecturally interesting enough to stand alone as sculpture.  I think I deleted my before picture of the vase, but it was a dingy off-white before I hit it with some gloss white spray paint. 

The other side features a white ceramic vase from Michael’s.  I love it.  I stuffed it full of waxy green stems from a tree/bush in my English garden.  Just the other day I was saying how I might like to get rid of said bush/tree because it is weird looking.  But after stealing it’s leaves for my vase, I think maybe I should keep it.  It does have nice foliage. :)  In the center of the mantel is a tray of wheatgrass stuffed with daisies to bring in some color.


The left side is joined by a bird with matching cutouts (from Michael’s) and my silvery candleholders.


While the right side is sporting a white ceramic bird (stolen from upstairs) and my mercury glass votives.


Across the room, I added a pitcher of Spring blooms and a tiny bird’s nest along with a couple of photos.


The tiny bird’s nest I found in our driveway and I’ve been storing it (out of Bandit’s reach) until Spring.  I’m still looking for some tiny eggs to fill it.


How is Spring shaping up at your house?  Hope you are enjoying the warmer temperatures… I know I am!