Friday, March 30, 2012

Springification Part Deux

I am back with more springifications happening around La Maison de Horvath.  :)  (Apparently it’s write in French day.)

While I was visiting my parents the other day I spied this darling little footed bowl laying in a mess outside.  I immediately imagined it filled with my cutie little bird's nest!  After I cleaned off the dirt (and it still looked dirty ha!) I put my little nest and some green sprigs inside.  Perfect fit.  Then I added six tiny eggs that I got at a craft store.  Now my Mama bird has a happy little perch for her nest.  Except Mama bird is too fat and might squish the baby birds.  oops. :)


Love.  Just in time for Easter. :)


I also swiped this bouquet from my Mama’s garden.  Her forsythia is prettier than mine, so I had to steal some.  And she has geraniums blooming in her greenhouse and tulips in the yard!  The cool vase is an old milk jug (or something) that she got an estate sell in a bunch of mason jars.  I told her that people actually collect stuff like that…  And so she gave it to me.  Score! :) 


Since taking this photo, the forsythia blooms fell off and green leaves popped out to give a second life to my arrangement.  Hooray for neglecting your flowers. :)  I added fresh tulips and some pink azalea, too.

The front porch also got a spruce since it’s planting weather and there is no excuse for urns filled with dirt.  Not very springlike.  So I added a bucket of pink dianthus, some creeping trailing plant of unknown identity, and a pink ranunculus.  My first time with ranunculus, so let’s hope I don’t kill it… on the porch, in the dark.  Sounds like good odds, right? ;) 


Since I am nothing if not dedicated to symmetry, I repeated the scheme in the second urn with a darker pink ranunculus.  They are looking so pretty! :)  Hooray Spring.


I’m hoping to find some time this weekend to photograph all the beautiful blooms in my yard.  Stay tuned for an update!

Happy April!