Saturday, April 14, 2012

English Garden Update!

Last weekend while we were hard at work in the front yard, we were also hard at work in the backyard!  We are super multi-taskers like that.  Plus all that liriope I ripped out gently dug up had to go somewhere… in a wheel barrow… down the muddy side yard… and then get thrown over the fence into the English garden.  :) :)  Hardy stuff, that Liriope. :)
Anyway, we stuck it in a little border around the existing plantings.  We started this process last summer and then ran out of green stuff.  So, we  finally completed the first side and then put in the border on the second side with the remaining plants.  Oh and did I mention that we put in 17 stepping stones, too?  Yeah, we’re not just crazy, we’re Guthrie crazy! :)
My goal in this garden is to cover up as much of the earth in plants, paths and sculpture as possible to reduce the amount of mulch I have to spread.  That is why I decided we needed more pathways… that and they are cute… and functional. :)  I’m sure I will come to regret this decision when I have to spread mulch around said stones, plants and sculpture.  Ahem.
The stepping stones branch off of the main flagstone path and wind their way along the curving liriope border into the woods where they link up with our exterior garden gate.  This is the entry point for the wheelbarrow which comes down through the woods behind the fence.  I’m thinking we need a little wooden bridge over the leaf pile in front of the gate… would that be too much? ;)
The path is very inviting from the woods, too.  Except for that post sticking up on the right.  Where is my chainsaw??
IMG_0030  IMG_0031
And on the far side of the garden, the second row of liriope follows along the hostas and behind the kissing bench.  <--That is the technical name that Papa gave his little bench.  Anyway I think the hostas are too close to the border, so I’m planning to move them back eventually. 
And the liriope continues along behind the bird bath and then meets back up with the other border along the flagstone path.
Eventually there will be a liriope border on the other side of the garden to match.  I have already selected which liriope I’m going to dig up next!  Apparently transplanting liriope is my new hobby… boo.
And finally, we have 19 more stepping stones to lay.  The stepping stone path will branch off and meander around the tree circle and meet back with the flagstone path.  And there will be a few on the other side, too.  Plus more plants… you can never have enough of those until all mulchable areas are covered!
And here is a before and after comparison for all you folks who like those as much as me…
IMG_5126  IMG_0019
Please note that my snowball bush (viburnum) has finally bloomed after three years!  Oh Happy Day!  I’m hoping next year my little cherry tree catches on and blooms for the first time, too.  Fingers crossed.
Thanks for coming along for the English Garden tour.  If you missed the English Garden story, you can check it out the first installment here and some colorful updates here.  Hopefully I will be back soon to show you the completed stepping stone path.  Stay tuned!