Thursday, May 31, 2012

May in the Garden

People of the web, it is the last day of May. Which means I did NOT let a whole month slip by WITHOUT POSTING A THING! Whew, that was close!

I have been busy, despite the appearance from the blog, with my new business and I have been sidelined from a lot of my usual Spring outdoor work by a foot injury. Curse you plantar fasciitis. And lastly, Michael built a new computer and upgraded my old one to Windows XP 64 which does not play well with my favorite blog editor, Windows Live Writer. So after an acceptable mourning period, I am using a different program to bring you this post. See I have good excuses for my absence. :)

Even without me, things have been happening in my yard. Flowers have been blooming, bugs have been eating said flowers... etc. I did get out last night and take some lovely pictures of the yard for your enjoyment.

Our front yard is alive with color: purple and pink hydrangeas, pink and fuchsia impatiens, and green! Everywhere is green! Also I got a new wreath... it's pink.. surprise! And I loaded it up with extra sprigs in darker pink so it would have some depth. I love it! And it matches my impatiens so nicely. :)


My mailbox bed has taken off, too, thanks to some nutrient-rich compost we added around the tomato plants. They are growing and flowering!
At the bottom of the driveway, we have our hanging baskets filled with hot pink petunias and white verbena.
And in the backyard, lilies and astilbe are stealing the show this week.
And surprise! Mama bought me a pink hydrangea! And we put it in the corner of the backyard behind the fence... and inside a wire so Miss Riley can't eat it or dig it up at her leisure. :)
Up on the deck, we've got herbs and flowers blooming, too! I painted my spiral plant stand black this year and got these cute colorful planters to go on it. The herbs are chives, parsley, rosemary, and thyme. And a gerbera daisy on top! :)
And on the other side, my deck furniture is looking sad. :( I want to paint it black to match all the other stuff out here. Hopefully I'll have a chance to get around to that sometime soon. We're planning a July 4th cookout, so perhaps that will be the motivation I need to get it done!
Pink is the color of the year (and every year) on the deck. We have pink geranium, pink double impatiens and this cool variegated green vine with pink edges!

The deck is all ready for some outdoor dining! Now where is my handsome grill master?


That brings me to the end of the tour... except for one small thing... The English Garden! I will be back to show you all the updates we've made down there, soon!