Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

Today I want to dedicate a blog post to my Papa who is featured on this blog pretty frequently as my go-to electrician, plumber, arborist, carpenter and handyman! 


If it weren’t for his endless help, I would not have a finished basement, a lot of lovely handmade furniture, a fence for Riley, or an awesome custom-made office desk.  Without Papa, I would have a bunch of gum balls in the yard, a runaway dog, and a bad attitude. :)

Over the years, he has taught me how to paint…


How to drive a screw, how to sand and how to stain.  (Okay, I might have had some help from Mama on that last one.)


And he taught me not to be afraid of trying “scary” things, like putting up a light fixture… 


or using a nail gun.


He’s tried to teach me plenty of other things, too… like canoeing,


constructing a fence,


and replacing steps.


But some things just don’t stick. :)

Mostly he taught me the value of hard work.  Thanks Papa for not giving up on me all those times I felt like quitting.  You’re the best!

Happy Father’s Day to my Papa and all the dads out there who encourage their daughters to become DIYers!