Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sheet Music Art

Greetings!  Tonight I have for you a quick little project using fern clippings from the yard and some old sheet music. 

You may remember the old fern art in the bedroom.  Okay, you probably don’t… Maybe this will help jog your memory:


Well the ferns I gathered back in 2008 were starting to look a little old.  They were ready to be replaced with something new and green.  So a few months ago I took them out and put a few homemade fern prints that I printed from vintage printables. 

They were sorta lackluster and they didn’t have that real greenery feeling that I was craving… and they were small since I was limited to my 8.5” x 11” printer size. 

Tonight while I was browsing my blogroll I came across this DIY pressed fern project from Pink Postcard. 


Her version was framed over ledger paper, but as soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of my stash of sheet music that I got from a family friend last year.  The sheet music is destined to line my antique trunk when I ever get around to restoring it.  But I don’t think it will miss a few sheets! ;)

I snatched my lackluster fern prints from the bedroom wall and began gathering my supplies:  three fern fronds from the yard (these are Japanese painted ferns, I believe.  I would have liked some variety, but my fern collection is limited), sheet music, glass cleaner, and glue. 

Remove old print, clean glass, select sheet music, reglue to glass, place fern, sandwich in between glass and pop back in frame.  Voila.

I’m sure that’s not the way you should do it, more like you should press and dry your ferns first, but this is how I did it the first time and it was fine.  So, we’ll just see how it goes. :) haha

I rehung the frames and then tried to make the after pictures as bright as possible.  :)


I picked music with the least writing, but two are from a piece entitled “Romance”… how appropriate.


The first one is from Brahms “Hungarian Dance No. 5” which I also thought was special because my husband’s family is from Hungary.  So there you go,  sentimental + music + nature.  Trifecta.



I’m liking how the creamy sheet music plays off the bedding but still looks layered because of the wall color showing through.  What do you think?