Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 x3 Cubby Bookcase {Den Refresh}

When I saw these plans from Ana White I knew that I wanted to build this piece.  I didn’t really have a place for it, but I loved it!  At some point I showed it to my Mama and she thought it would make a great fabric storage shelf.  Eureka!  A purpose for the dream furniture. :)

cubby bookcase

Despite my protestations that I didn’t really need it, she had it built for me as a gift this year.  Well I got it installed back in the Spring, but I just got around to filling in all the cubbies and accessorizing it for photos this past weekend.  Bad blogger Sarah.  Here it is looking all nice and organized!



Anyway I have been enjoying it all the while.  It holds all my fabrics for my bag business.  I looked far and wide for baskets to fit these holes (14” x 12” x 14”) but never found the right thing.  So I decided to make my own from cardboard shipping boxes taped together.  Then I covered them with contact paper from Target.  They hold all the scrap fabrics leftover from projects.

I was digging through secondhand art at Mega Thrift last week and came across this hydrangea print for $2.99.  Love it.  It went perfectly with the wall color/décor in the den so I put it over the bookcase and accented the top with some dried hydrangeas to match.


Another deal that I scored recently ended up down here, too.  I was shopping for lampshades for my mom’s bedroom the other day and came across this blue and turquoise floral shade for $3.97!  I had been eyeing this shade for a while but never considered spending fifteen bucks on it.  But at four dollars I was happy to take it home with me!  I may have finished my shopping trip singing a little song about my awesome deal.  What can I say… my life is a musical! :)

Anyway, I got it home and immediately plopped it on my old lamp base from college.  It goes perfectly with the turquoise dresser.  And the metallic silver on the shade plays well with the bronzey lamp base and drawer pulls, too.  I’m in love…



While I was sprucing things up, I popped some brown/teal floral fabric in these forlorn frames on the wall.  It’s a bit better than the goes-with-nothing travel prints, but the mat still needs work to coordinate.  I’ll get to it eventually. :)


I think with a nice white border they could resemble my photoshopped inspiration art:

IMG_9379 bubbles

At least it’s in the same family. :)

Thanks for joining me for an impromptu refresh in the den.  How do you like my new cubbies?



Anonymous said...

Looks great Sarah! I really love that blue on the old dresser! Debbie C.

Molly said...

Cute Creative Cubbies!