Wednesday, September 12, 2012

House To Do List

When we bought this house I started a master to-do list for all the things I wanted to update.  Four years later, I have marked off a bunch of those things and added just as many more.  But since I’ve updated it last, there are quite a few notable projects on the “completed” list.  Hurray! 

Here’s the list as it stands with all our recent accomplishments marked off:

Living room


  • New curtains
  • Woven roman shades
  • Paint walls, trim, ceiling DONE!
  • Recover couches (fabric is purchased!)
  • New TV (scheduled for Christmas!)
  • Hardwood/laminate floors + rug
  • Crown molding

Kitchen: I haven’t done a lot in here, so the dream list is kinda long. :)


  • Paint walls and trim
  • New kitchen table or paint with new chairs?
  • Add island, remove table and chairs?
  • Hutch/china cabinet instead of table and chairs?
  • Wainscoting/chair rail
  • Backsplash
  • Paint light fixture/towel holder
  • New curtains? Rug?
  • New stove
  • Paint cabinets?
  • Paint refrigerator, dishwasher panel to white
  • Tile floors
  • Enlarge doorways (I am putting this on the way back burner since we’ll have to move electrical)
  • Crown molding

Dining Room


  • Hardwood/laminate floors
  • Add wainscoting/chair rail
  • Replace French doors or paint
  • Repair dining chair legs, patch chew marks
  • Refinish or replace table
  • Repaint with satin paint
  • Crown molding



  • Build desk
  • Cornice molding for window
  • Curtains?
  • Refinish bookcase, add molding
  • Bifold closet doors?
  • Add ceiling fan/new light?
  • Install light in closet
  • New floors?
  • New desk chairs?
  • Gray velvet chair (on the hunt for fabric)
  • Crown molding
  • Matching lamps for desk

Master Bedroom


  • Ceiling fan/chandelier?
  • Replace Quilt/Duvet cover
  • New light in closet
  • New dressers? Update hardware?
  • Paint Michael’s closet, install light
  • New floors?
  • Crown molding

Master Bath


  • Reverse hot and cold in shower
  • Paint ceiling
  • Touch up paint
  • Replace toilet seat
  • Replace caulk at bath and sink
  • Tile floors
  • Crown molding

Guest Room


  • New curtains?
  • Touch up paint
  • Install light in closet
  • Get new chair (pending)
  • New floors?

Guest Bath


  • New faucet
  • Paint ceiling
  • Replace caulk at bath and sink
  • Tile floors
  • Repaint walls with satin paint (darn those water spots on the flat walls!)

Laundry Room


  • Tile floor
  • Work counter or cabinets along wall
  • Shelf on wall opposite washer?
  • Reverse washer/dryer
  • New faucet and laundry sink
  • New light over washer
  • Frame cat picture
  • Touch up paint
  • Replace drop ceiling



  • New floors (purchased, pending installation! WAHOO!)
  • Paint fireplace interior?
  • Roman shades + drapes
  • New light fixtures
  • New art for black frames
  • Repaint frame mats
  • Frame flower print
  • Add desk for laptop, paint sewing machine cabinets or build new workstation along wall
  • Dresser to replace black cabinet
  • End tables with lamps?


  • Shelves in downstairs closet (pending)
  • Paint downstairs closet (check!)
  • Paint walls, trim (patch chew marks), doors, ceiling
  • Paint hall lights or replace
  • Install light in pantry
  • Patch chew marks (again)


  • Paint floors
  • Finish ceiling on car side
  • Cabinetry + work bench
  • Paint garage door?
  • More shelving

Front Yard


  • French drain/regrade
  • Paint mailbox
  • Paint shutters and front door black
  • Resow grass (eradicate moles!!)
  • Remove rocks from yard
  • Edge parking space

Back Yard


  • Rebuild deck, add ceiling for lower deck, add furniture
  • Powder coat deck furniture
  • Replace rotted timbers
  • Paver patio
  • Resow grass (happening this weekend!)
  • Clear out back property line for garden
  • Mulch flower beds
  • Finish gate in fence


  • Paint thresholds on doors black
  • Install new backboard
  • Repaint Garage door

So you can see that’s a pretty extensive list.  All I left out was shuffling accessories. :)

If you were reading carefully you will know that I have a big announcement!  WE ARE GETTING NEW FLOORS FOR THE DEN!  I should say I am getting them, since I have been begging for them for four years.  That’s my birthday present this year.  And when laminate floors went on sale for Labor Day we snatched them up at 79 cents a square foot.  To prepare for installation, last weekend my mom and I cleared out the den and downstairs closet so we could tear out the old carpet.  Yahoo!!!


The curtains are tied up because I washed them (for the first time in seven years!!) and all the pleats fell out.  So I am repleating them while we wait.

My pretty new floors are waiting to be installed…


They are Angel Fire Cherry.  Here’s the sample from Lumber Liquidators where we purchased them.

Flooring Deal Sale Dream Home - Charisma 8mm Angel Fire Cherry Laminate~10021956_sw

I will have to be patient since my floor installer extraordinaire brother-in-law is busy with the arrival of his first child.  (Congratulations Josh and Hannah!)  But these beauties will be going down soon and I’ll be bringing you all the details!! :) Can’t wait!

There is a lot more slated for this Horvath House.  Come back to see what else we will be marking off our to-do list!