Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kitchen Sneak Peek

Two weeks and two days ago I began the “Painting the Kitchen Cabinets Saga” and I know you all are on the edge of your seat, awaiting the big reveal.  SO AM I!  I’m not quite done, but I decided to give you a sneak peek to tide you over until the weekend. 

I haven’t just been sitting around watching paint cure… oh no!  I’ve been caulking more seams at the wall and floor (you can’t really tell it’s unpainted since both the caulk and paint are white), cleaning and rearranging the cabinets.  That’s one good thing about having everything on display for two weeks—you find things you forgot you had and don’t really need anymore.  So, we’ve been going through the cabinets and getting rid of stuff… Michael loves that part!  :)  I will be glad to get the doors back on so he will stop trying to throw all my cute stuff out! 

We also installed a new stove hood.  Our former hood was off-white which matched our former oven, but the new one is white, so I either had to paint or replace the grungy hood.  I convinced Michael to buy me a new white one for my birthday (which isn’t for a month!) and then I convinced my Papa to come and install it for me!  Thanks, Papa!

First things first, we turned off the electricity to the kitchen.  Then we unscrewed the four screws (or so) holding up the old hood.  This lovely sight was revealed:


I ran off to get my camera and hollered back down the hall to Papa, “Don’t do anything while I’m gone!” as if he could single-handedly install the new hood in the time it took me to run to the office. :)  He just laughed at me for taking a picture of something so un-picture-worthy.  But I assured him that photo-evidence was necessary for my blog.  You’re welcome.

After the paparazzi were finished, we connected the wiring to the new hood and screwed the whole thing in place.  Then we put the light bulb back in and turned the power back on.  Voila!  I finished up by caulking the seam at the top and touching up the paint around the edges.



It’s so nice and clean, I am going to try to keep it that way!  Now everything matches.  And soon we’ll be rid of the annoying inside cabinet view.  :)

I know I said I was going to give them a whole week to cure before I put any of the doors and drawers back into “heavy use” but I just couldn’t help myself!!!  It’s been five days since I finished painting the cabinets and the anticipation was getting to me!  I decided I could just put the drawers back, since it’s really hard to open them without handles, and I figured this was a task I could handle without assistance (my assistant is coming on Saturday).  I was trying to be super careful, but at one point I did drop a drawer front into the drawer and it nicked a tiny spot on the back.  Grr!  Oh well, there goes my perfect kitchen! ;)  That’s good, because I was going to have to shed the kid gloves eventually.

Here are four of my new white drawers:



Ahhh, I love them!  I have been wanting these oil rubbed bronze cup pulls since we bought the house, I really didn’t like the funny bar pulls that we had before (<— first world problems).  So, I am smiling!! :)  I always check Ebay for my cabinet hardware as you can get super deals from online dealers.  These were a mere $1.59 and the matching hinges I got were only $1.29 a pair; they are from Classic Door Hardware.  We have the same style pulls on the office drawers.  They are my favorite. :)

So, what do you think?  You like the new look?

This is getting me really pumped to see all the doors re-installed!  Stay tuned!

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