Sunday, September 22, 2013

Touches of Autumn

September is coming to a close… the air is getting brisk and fall is on its way!  To herald its arrival, I have spruced up a few spaces around the house with some autumn touches. 

I decided to forego the plethora of red and orange leaves, garland and pumpkins this year in exchange for some dried florals along with green and metallic touches.

Let’s start in the kitchen!  My tiny shelf got a little spruce with a gold framed quote (design found here), my tiny velvet pumpkin (squee!) and my milk glass vase filled with dried green and rust hydrangea blossoms.  I love this look.


And I couldn’t resist bringing my new cola crate into the mix with a couple of green pumpkins, some feathers and yes, some fall floral picks!  But only just a couple. I tried to resist, I did!


In the dining room, I am keeping the centerpiece simple so it can easily be cleared away for a spontanous board game.  The wire vase is filled with moss and berries and an ivory candle.  My thrift store pewter candlesticks are flanking with matching berry bobeches.  And I cut a little burlap runner for the table, too.


Over on the flatware cabinet, we are bringing in the glam!  My sparkling mercury glass pumpkin (from Pottery Barn) is joined by my Target candlesticks and a vintage silver tray.  More berries and fall leaves plus a few metallic gourds finish out the display.  And another burlap runner adds a bit of contrast and texture.


The living room console is always the place I start with holiday decorating.  I topped it with a burlap runner and a wonky pumpkin.  Then I brought in a new addition:  this spray painted silver frame.  I took a glass frame and sprayed it with Looking Glass paint for a mercury glass effect.  It’s going to live at my parents’ house for the Halloween party decor soon, but I wanted to share it first!


Basically you spray the inside of the thing (or in my case, the back) with looking glass paint and let it dry.  Then you mist on a vinegar/water mixture and after letting that sit for a minute, you blot it off and some of the paint comes off with it.  That gives your mirrored finish a bit of an antique look.  I sprayed the front of my frame too since it had some frosted glass as well. The swirly parts were frosted so they didn’t come out as mirrored, but I figure it is a pretty good interpretation.  And I think it looks fun with the Happy Halloween chalk printable inside.  :)


Over on the side table, my little fall pumpkin tealights are joined by the antique toolbox stuffed with more dried hydrangeas.  Gorgeous!!


And on the door, our simple grapevine wreath. 


Welcome Fall!  We have been waiting for you! :)

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