Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Bakery Sign & a Pink Fall Tablescape

I’ve been waiting to share a new addition to our kitchen.  Last week was my birthday and my best friend gave me a pink glass cake stand.  It was the perfect complement to my new “bakery” sign, so I figured the time was right to blog about them both! 


To match the rustic sign and the fall season, I set the table in a rustic pink, green, and brown fall theme.


The cake stand was the centerpiece topped with dried green and brown hydrangeas.  I nestled my favorite pink candle in the middle.  Then I set the table with a burlap runner and my pink willow plates and pink glassware.  I finished off the setting with a cream napkin and a couple of bronze dragonfly napkin rings.  I think its says “rustic romance with touches of autumn.”  :)  That sounds like a perfume or something! haha! It was fun to pull out all my pink dining accessories that never see the light of day.  Michael has been bugging me to get rid of the glasses, but they were a wedding present and they are beautiful!


My vision was to have the cake stand filled with pretty pink cupcakes, since that definitely goes with the bakery sign!  But I still have birthday cake leftovers and definitely don’t need cupcakes, so maybe next time I’ll feature those! :)


This cake stand is so gorgeous, I plan to use it for more tablescapes in the Spring, and for some cake at some point, too!!  Thanks, Andi and Nick!



The bakery sign was a compromise I made with Michael.  I wanted to do a sign like this from The Old Painted Cottage.  Considering it was going to cost over $50 to have the wooden letters cut and Michael thought it was ostentatious, I decided to make this small version instead.  (Although, I still love the big lettering best!)


So, last month while I was visiting my parents I asked Papa to make me a “cool, old sign” that I could paint.  As we were rummaging around looking for old wood to use we came across a great pile of fence slats that were from our old fence when we tore it down.  So I gathered up a few of these and we set to cutting out a sign.


My sign is the maximum length of the fence slats with the tops cut off and three fence slats wide. 


Papa thought it would be neat to add little edger pieces to make a frame.  We cut them from the same wood but slightly wider than the sign depth so they would stick up from the edge like a real frame. 


Papa nailed and glued it all together.  But it was really hard to glue the old wood since it was warped and stuff, so just ignore that part. :)


Ta-da!  All done.


I brought it home with me and printed a template for the wording.  The font is Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded.


I transferred it to the sign with chalk and then filled it in with white paint and a small brush.


Then I added a little border outside the lettering.  See how cute?  (Forgive the fuzzy phone pics—that is the only way I ever take progress photos.)


Now, if I were a normal person I would have stopped right there with my lovely rustic sign (maybe I would have distressed it a bit).  But I am not normal, so I went right along with my harebrained plan to stain over the paint.  I used Bombay Mahogany which has purple/red undertones.  So naturally the white paint turned pink.  Yay.  Not.


So, the next day I repainted the letters with oil paint over the stain so it wouldn’t bleed through.  So far this is working, none of the pink stain has bled through again.  Next time I will just stain it first. :)

After my second painting dried, I went back with a hammer and a scraper and beat the crap out of my sign… gouging it and whacking it and making it look “cool and old” with some of the original wood showing through.  I think it turned out awesome!  I love my new bakery sign.



What do you think?

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