Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sprucing up the Deck: Part II

Remember how we spruced up the deck last week? Well, I just couldn’t stop there! :)  We were out flower shopping and of course there were so many beautiful things that I just had to make some baskets for the deck as well as the fence.  Just had to, you know how it is. ;) 


These are pink nonstop begonias (which I am in love with… I had two of these last year and they got overwatered and fell over… Mama revived one of them over the winter; it’s alive, but barely.  So this year I am going to be watching them carefully and crossing my fingers that they keep going “nonstop” all summer!) flanked by creeping jenny (another fave) and some lavender bacopa trailing plant.  In the back are pink, purple and white verbena.  And in front is the varigated plant called “livingstone daisy”.  It has a little red daisy like flower but I do not like red flowers, so if that one blooms, it’s getting pinched! :)  I just love the foliage anyway. 


On the other side, I added a little gerbera daisy for my puppy dog planter.  Isn’t he cute?



While I was at it, I needed a special doormat.  It’s a butterfly… and its teal.  A winning combination! :)




I’m sure it will be faded and dirty in a few months, but for $8.50 (at Michael’s) how could I resist?  Next to the door I put my little metal plant stand filled with pink and yellow superbells, snapdragons and pink begonia.


That pink gerbera is a Mother’s Day gift for a certain special mother.  Lucky for me I get to enjoy it for a few days, too! 

I also got my fence baskets finished and begonias lining the front walk, so I will be back with more updates from my Spring flower show! 

Before I go, I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there, and especially to my wonderful Mama who is my happy gardening companion.  Thanks Mama, for everything you do to make my home and my life beautiful! :)


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