Thursday, May 08, 2014

Sprucing up the Deck

Spring has sprung, the weather is divine and I want to spend all my time outside soaking up the season.  That brings us to our next project:  pressure washing the deck.  The green and brown tinge it has taken on over the fall and winter is less than appetizing when enjoying an evening meal alfresco.  So, yesterday Papa came and helped me whip it into shape.  Here is what it looked like before:



Green stuff growing on the railings and floor and a bunch of dead herb plants.  Sad.  Enter man with pressure washing machine…



We got right down to business getting rid of the scum.  A little bit of water and clorox helped loosen the gunk and then the spray just washed it all away.  Like magic. :)

And now our deck is beautiful again and ready to be enjoyed!


I bet you didn’t notice, but our patio set got an update.  Formerly green and dated, it is now black and shiny.  My mom had it powder coated as a gift for me last fall, so now we can enjoy it for many years with a durable factory finish!  I am loving the new view.  Just to spruce it up a bit, I added a couple of outdoor pillows, which are a nice touch.  :)  I had previously fixed up my herb planters with some spray paint and fresh plants and now those pots look brand new!


I hung a new bird feeder and a cute little bird house on the railing for my feathered friends to enjoy.  No squirrels allowed! 



We’ve also been doing some flower shopping.  We hosted an anniversary party for my grandparents last weekend and we created several mixed potted centerpieces.  This is one that I reworked for my table.  I love the abundance and that variegated plant on the right is my favorite!

The flower shopping continues, as I still need hanging baskets for the fence and impatiens for my front walk.  Stay tuned!

We pressure washed the lower deck, too, but it’s not ready for its big reveal yet so I’ll keep you posted.  Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring!

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