Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A Bear Themed Nursery

My new nephew Barrett is almost three months old, which means it is past time for me to share his nursery with you all!  Last year when we were brainstorming nursery plans, my sister picked a woodland/bear theme for the nursery. (Since his name would be Barrett—which I didn’t know at the time!)  She painted the walls a pale blue/gray and the crib and changing table were inherited from big brother Ruger’s room. 

2015-03-20 002

We found an adorable fabric collection at Joann’s with several coordinating prints of bears, foxes, moose, owls, and woodland themed graphics.  So we picked our favorites and a few stripes to match and made the nursery bedding and curtains.  The quilt is a pre-printed panel which Hannah stitched up with a coordinating print on the back and then quilted around the characters on the front. 

2015-03-20 014

My mother recovered the armchair, which used to be in her house when we were kids.  New life for an old chair!

2015-03-20 015

2015-03-20 020

2015-03-20 016

I have been obsessed with embroidery hoop art for a while, so I decided to do a couple for Barrett’s room.  I think they turned out nicely! :)  I had a lot of fun making them, too!

2015-03-20 019

I also painted a couple of animals for the opposite wall.  My dad made the wooden frames for me with old fence slats and I copied the characters from the fabric prints.  :)

2015-03-20 021

2015-03-20 022

2015-03-20 023

Isn’t this rocking bear adorable?  It was a gift from Barrett’s grandparents!  :)

2015-03-20 024

2015-03-20 025

2015-03-20 026

2015-03-20 028

The little fella seems right at home in his new nursery, don’t you think?

2015-03-20 004

2015-03-20 008

Love you baby bear! :)

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