Wednesday, May 06, 2015

All Decked out for Spring

My sister came to visit today, so I took the opportunity to spruce up my lower deck furniture with all its pillows, lanterns and plants for us to enjoy this afternoon!

Luckily my handy Papa was here on Monday and helped me pressure wash the deck and furniture.  We didn’t do too good of a job on the deck boards because we are planning to tear down the deck this summer and rebuild it, whoo hoo!  Anyway, before we say sayonara to the old deck we want to give it one last hurrah!



My favorite spot is this corner chair with the butterfly pillow!


This beautiful planter is from Lowes, and I just had to have it for a Mother’s Day gift, it’s so PINK!  It’s brightening up the place until I deliver it this weekend.


I hung my new hanging planter from Ikea out here, too.  I love the colorful striped basket!


Last year, we moved the old sewing machine stand outside and I added a weathered wood top.  It makes a cool side table.


My flower basket is filled with pink new guinea impatiens and livingstone daisy, but it’s all still working up to blooming, yet. 



This new turquoise planter is from Lowes.  The giant lantana is from a local nursery.  The plant is several years old and has been overwintered in a greenhouse to get this size!  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I saw those beautiful pinks and oranges and just had to have it.  It’s so summery!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave it under the deck, this blooming beauty needs lots of sun!


Mama saved me some ferns from last year and I hung them out here again.


She also saved my geranium and livingstone daisy centerpiece from last year.  I just added some new impatiens to spruce it up. :)




Everything is ready for a fun spring gathering, I even got some new fun plates for my outdoor dining table.  I’ll be back to show you the upper deck soon, plus the rest of my hanging baskets and annuals!

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